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Home Gossip American Rapper Danielle Bregoli's Journey To Success: Her Sources of Income & Net Worth

American Rapper Danielle Bregoli's Journey To Success: Her Sources of Income & Net Worth

Kurt Tue Jul, 2018
American Rapper Danielle Bregoli's Journey To Success: Her Sources of Income & Net Worth

Danielle Bregoli is better known by her stage name and youtube handle Bhad Bhabie. For the readers who are not aware of her, you might have heard the meme catchphrase "cash me outside, how 'bout dah?" at one point in your time. She is the person responsible for the meme catchphrase which took the internet by storm.

From the time her video went viral, she has established herself as a rapper and has found success through it as well. Well, if you wish to learn more about her rise as an artist in the hip hop genre then continue with the article.

From Meme Girl To A Rapper: Danielle Bregoli

Bregoli was in an interview on Dr. Phil hosted by Phil McGraw and it is there that the video clip which went viral and made her famous was captured.

During the show, she got irritated by the laughter of an audience in the show to which she responded by saying, "Cash me ousside, how bout dat?". That clip went viral making her known as the cash me ousside girl.

CAPTION: Bregoli On Dr. Phil Show
SOURCE: thesun

Bregoli started doing music and released her first single These Heaux on August 26, 2017. Whether it was due to her viral video or through her musical talent, the single was a success and it went on to chart 77 on the Billboard Hot 100, which made her the youngest female rap artist to debut on the music chart. The success of her debut single led her to be signed to Atlantic Records. 

Bregoli has since released Hi Bich and Whachu Know, both of which were well received by the audience with the formed even reaching number 68 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Other songs of her include Mama Don't Worry, I Got It and Both of Em. She also released a song featuring Lil Yachty that was named Gucci Flip Flops

The song Gucci Flip Flops charted at no.80 becoming her third charting single on the chart. In 2018, she received a Billboard Music Award nomination for Best Female Rap Artist alongside Cardi B and Nicki Minaj.

Her latest release is Trust me which features Ty Dolla Sign. She is not only limited to being a rapper, but she also has her own youtube channel where she shares her new music videos and reaction videos.

The cash me ousside girl has come a long way and established herself as "Bad Bhabie" a young and successful hip-hop artist. Her music videos have millions of views on each song which shows her success and likeability.

Danielle Bregoli's Net Worth

You may be shocked to learn about this but Bregoli has a whopping net worth of $2 million. As a musician, she has been consecutively giving hits in the recent year. It is not only her music but her following in the socials that make her revenue high.

Her youtube channel has 4.8 million subscribers while she has 14.2 million followers on her Instagram and 466k followers on Twitter which all adds to her income.

On her mother's birthday, she gave a generous gift of $65,000 to her mother to pay off the mortgage of the house. Having such a huge net worth and earning the way she does, it is good to see that she takes care of her family.

CAPTION: Bregoli's $90k Car
SOURCE: listhogs

Aside from taking care of her mother, she is also treating herself. As soon as she gained success, she bought a $90,000 Porsche Panamera 4s Hybrid. She is successful and living a life of luxury.

She will definately earn more and more in the days to come. "how bout that?!"