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Home Gossip Who Is Swedish Actor Bill Skarsgard Dating At Present? Know About His Rumored Affairs & Girlfriends

Who Is Swedish Actor Bill Skarsgard Dating At Present? Know About His Rumored Affairs & Girlfriends

Sabina Gartaula Mon Jul, 2018
Who Is Swedish Actor Bill Skarsgard Dating At Present? Know About His Rumored Affairs & Girlfriends

Bill Istvan Gunther Skarsgard, professionally known as Bill Skarsgard, is a Swedish actor based in the United States. He is best known for the portrayal of Pennywise in the 2017 movie It starring Finn WolfhardSophia LillisJaeden Lieberher, and many others. 

Born on 9th August 1990, the 27-year-old actor is already taken, and he is currently dating someone inside the industry. 

So, let's find out more about Skarsgard's current girlfriend, their relationship, and his past affairs. 

Bill Skarsgard Is In A Relationship: Who Is His Girlfriend?

Bill Skarsgard is currently in a relationship, and his girlfriend is no other than the beautiful fellow Swedish actress Alida Morberg. The duo started dating in 2016, and it has been more than two years since they started dating. 

While the duo did not publicly speak about their relationship initially, a picture of the two holding hands went viral. While the photo of them was everywhere no one was able to figure out who the gorgeous lady was. 

CAPTION: Bill Skarsgard and girlfriend Alida Morberg holding hands SOURCE: Pinterest

However, Skarsgard's fans did their research and came to a conclusion that his girlfriend is Swedish actress Alida Morberg, who is best known for her roles in films like Insane and Sensoria

The details about how or when they met are unknown. Matter of fact, they have not publicly spoken about their relationship, but their numerous public appearances made their relationship official.

CAPTION: Bill Skarsgard and girlfriend Alida Morberg SOURCE: Peplemuku

Likewise, according to reports, Alida even accompanied her beau in Toronto in 2016 while he was filming It

Unfortunately, Bill does not share pictures of his beau on social media and Alida's Instagram is on private for some reason. Nonetheless, they look adorable together, and there are no rumors about them splitting or breaking up. 

Bill Skarsgard Past Affairs

By now you must be aware that Skarsgard is a very confidential person when it comes to his personal life. He does not even share details about his current relationship with Alida Morberg let alone talking openly about his past affairs. 


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So, there is no list of the women he has dated in the past or has had hooked up with. Likewise, there are also no rumors about him dating someone secretly which is quite shocking for an actor who was part of one of the biggest movies in 2016

Nonetheless, it is a good thing that he has no problems with making public appearances with his girlfriend, or his fans would have been under the dark about his relationship all this time.