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Home Gossip South Korean Singer G-Dragon Has a Huge Net Worth; Know About His Lifestyle And Tattoos

South Korean Singer G-Dragon Has a Huge Net Worth; Know About His Lifestyle And Tattoos

Blueprince Mon Oct, 2018
South Korean Singer G-Dragon Has a Huge Net Worth; Know About His Lifestyle And Tattoos

Kwon Ji-Yong, also known by his stage name G-Dragon, is a South Korean singer. 1.77 m tall Kwon gained fame as a member of the hip-hop group Big Bang, and ultimately as a solo artist who has sold most of the albums in the South Korean music history.

At the age of 30, G-Dragon has already earned himself a title of King of K-pop. Through his iconic performances and immense record sale, the South Korean singer has amassed a huge net worth that has eventually earned him an exquisite lifestyle.

G-Dragon net worth: $30 million

As of 2018, G-Dragon, a former member of the Big Bang, has accumulated a huge net worth of $30 million. His debut album in 2009 titled Heartbreaker is considered to be one of the most successful albums of the year, selling over 200,000 copies.

CAPTION: South Korean singer G-Dragon
SOURCE: coolspotters

The South Korean singer has also ventured into different other business which helped him earned his current net worth. He is the owner of Monsant Cafe, which is built on Jeju Island. He also owns another cafe since 2017 that is named Untitled, 2017.

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G-Dragon is amongst the highest paid celebrities when it comes to endorsement deals. He gets paid around $1-$1.5 million for every deal. His deal with Kappa earned him $1.9 million, during the company's 100th anniversary.

CAPTION: South Korean singer G-Dragon, in the 100th anniversary of Kappa
SOURCE: Pinterest

Further, he has deals with many multinational companies like Hyundai, Nike, Airbnb. He is also the brand ambassador for Jeju Shinhwa World, a resort complex in South Korea.

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G-Dragon Lifestyle

G-Dragon has been recognized as one of the most fashionable rappers for having an iconic taste in fashion, just like Post Malone. He has gone through numerous hairstyle changes. 

He usually dresses in a genderless fashion, which is quite appealing to various fashion journals like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and has been described as quirky and experimental.


The singer is well known for his philanthropic attitude. G-Dragon donates $80,000 every year on his birthday. In 2012, he donated $43,400 to Seoul National University Hospital


G-Dragon has engraved his 1.75m tall body with over 24 tattoos. He has a tattoo that reads Vita Dolce and Moderato in his right and left upper arms. He has inked a quote from the movie Sid and Nancy starring Gary Oldman, on his right shoulder which reads "too fast to live too young to die". He also has a running heart tattoo below his Vita Dolce.

CAPTION: South Korean singer G-Dragon, and his tattoos
SOURCE: aminoapps

Being a huge fan of anime, he also has a tattoo of 8 Star Dragonball on the left shoulder. His right torso has two tattoos Forever Young. His left ribcage is marked with Mind Control and has XX signs just above his navel.

His fingers are also tattooed with signs $ and F. He has a huge cross on his calf on the left side, reflecting his religious side. He has other tattoos on his left forearm, and on his right as well.