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Home Gossip 1.66 m Tall Canadian Actress Jewel Staite's Career Achievement in Movies and TV Shows; Know About Her Tattoos

1.66 m Tall Canadian Actress Jewel Staite's Career Achievement in Movies and TV Shows; Know About Her Tattoos

Blueprince Fri Sep, 2018
1.66 m Tall Canadian Actress Jewel Staite's Career Achievement in Movies and TV Shows; Know About Her Tattoos

Jewel Staite is a beautiful Canadian actress, who has a slim figure and stands 1.66 m tall. Jewel is mostly known for portraying the character of Kaylee Free in Firefly,  a TV show which aired for only one season, despite having an estimated 4.7 million viewers per episode.

Jewel Staite started her acting career in 1991 and has acted in numerous movies and TV shows. The roles she has been cast on has had a cult following during the years which can be seen as an achievement for the actress. 

Jewel Staite's Career

Early Days

Jewel started her career with an appearance in the TV show Liar, Liar as a child actress in the year 1993. The same year she also acted in ABC's TV show The Only Way Out. She then obtained a starring guest role in The X-Files' episode Oubliette, in 1995.

CAPTION: Canadian actress Jewel Staite

Her first role as a co-star was the portrayal of Catalina, for the TV show Space Cases(1996). She has also worked for Disney Channel in their TV show Flash Forward, where she plays Rebecca "Becca" Fisher opposite to Ben Foster.


Jewel Staite played the role of Kaylee Free for the TV show Firefly, a very short-lived television series and also features Alan Tudyk. The show was written and directed by Joss Whedon and is centered around the year 2517 when humans arrive in a new star system.

CAPTION: Canadian actress Jewel Staite in Firefly as Kaylee Free
SOURCE: hero complex

Staite's role in the series was of a mechanic, who has no actual training in the regarding field but still keeps the ship functioning, due to her familiarity when it comes to mechanical equipment.

The L.A. Complex

Jewel's another regular role was with the Canadian tv show The L.A. Complex, where she played Raquel Westbrook, a 30-year-old struggling actress.

CAPTION: Canadian actress Jewel Staite in The L.A. Complex
SOURCE: the tv addict

The show was premiered on January 10, 2012, on the CTV and also on MuchMusic.

Other TV shows

During her career, Jewel Staite has also appeared in several other TV shows like Wonderwalls in the year 2004, where she was featured in the recurring role of Heidi Gotts.

Jewel also guest starred in a single episode of Supernatural, as the previous lover of the TV shows' lead Sam, which is played by actor Jared Padalecki. She has also made a guest appearance in 2010 for the TV show Warehouse 13.

YouTube: Jewel Staite in Supernatural

Jewel Staite has also played the role of Caroline Swift, detective Stephen Holder's lover, and has appeared in the shows 10 episodes.

Jewel Staite's Tattoo

The beautiful Candian actress is also a fan of body art and has a tattoo of a pink Pegasus, a mythical horse with wings on her back. 

CAPTION: Canadian actress Jewel Staite and her less known tattoo in her hip
SOURCE: Reddit

She also has a tattoo on her hip but has not been revealed clearly in her pictures. The tattoo was spotted in only one picture which she has taken in her swimsuit.