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Home Gossip 1.75 m Tall American Musician Henry Rollins' Lifestyle and Net Worth: Know About His Profession

1.75 m Tall American Musician Henry Rollins' Lifestyle and Net Worth: Know About His Profession

Kurt Thu Jul, 2018
1.75 m Tall American Musician Henry Rollins' Lifestyle and Net Worth: Know About His Profession

Henry Lawrence Garfield is better known by his stage name Henry Rollins is an American musician, actor, writer, television and radio host, and comedian. 57-year-old Rollins has been a part of various bands such as S.O.A., Black Flag, and Rollins Band accumulating huge earnings.

Professional since 1980, Henry established the record label and publishing company 2.13.61. and is a regular columnist for Rolling Stone Australia. Along with his successful career, Henry pocked bundles of dollars and is estimated to be enjoying the net worth of $13 million currently. Let's know about Henry's earnings, net worth, and career.

The Talented Mr. Rolling; Career Of Rollins

Rollins developed an interest in punk rock, and his first exclusive band was S.O.A. which was formed in 1980 after he joined the Washington punk band The Extorts, which had lost their frontman, Lyle Preslar.

The band released an Ep and did a dozen concerts but was disbanded only after a year.

CAPTION: Black Flag



After S.O.A. disbanded, as if guided by fate, Rollins had the opportunity to be the frontman of the band Black Flag. Rollins had been a fan of the band and when the opportunity to be in the band came to him, he did not hesitate to take it.

Things looked to improve for the band with the addition of Rollins, but he had the tendency to get into fights during concerts which caused issues for the band time and again.

CAPTION: Rollins Band



Though Rollins and Black Flag had a run of 4 years, the band disbanded in 1986. Rollins did a solo run for a while before he ended up forming his own band and this time around, the band was called Rollins Band.

The band released seven studio albums and it was included on VH1's 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock, ranking at No. 47 in 2000. Despite the band's success, it has been on an indefinite hiatus since 2007.

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Aside from his career as a musician, he is the host of the radio show Harmony in My Head and also of the TV show Henry's Film Corner. He is also an actor and has played numerous movies over the years.

Some of the famous movies he has worked in include Chase with Charlie Sheen, Heat with Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Val Kilmer, Jack Frost with Michael Keaton and Bad Boys II with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

Henry's Film Corner

While most people have struggled to find success in one profession, Rollins has been able to find success in various fields. It just shows how much talent is embedded within him.

Rollins Net Worth: Properties

Rollins has shown that a person does not have a limit to what he can do if he puts his mind to it. He has been successful in various fields, and it has all paid off for him since he has a huge net worth of $13 million.

CAPTION: Henry Rollins

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He has been the frontman of multiple bands such as Black Flag and Rollins Band and has also appeared in various movies and TV shows.

Reportedly, Henry lived in his house in Los Angeles, California before he moved to his new house. However, the location of Rollins' residence is not disclosed.

In July 2017, KCRW posted a Tweet on tour to Rollins' house where he is reportedly living his lavish lifestyle.

It is understandable that his huge net worth is well deserved and hope more of his property empire exploration will be in the near future.

Quick facts about Henry Rollins:

What is the net worth of Henry Rollins?

Henry Rollins has a net worth of $13 million.