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Home Gossip 2.01 m Tall American Boxer Deontay Wilder's Career Record and Next Fight; His Net Worth and Properties

2.01 m Tall American Boxer Deontay Wilder's Career Record and Next Fight; His Net Worth and Properties

Blueprince Sun Aug, 2018
2.01 m Tall American Boxer Deontay Wilder's Career Record and Next Fight; His Net Worth and Properties

Deontay Leshun Wilder, also known as Deontay Wilder, is an American professional Boxer who has an impressive height of 2.01m (6ft. 7 inches), and is known for being the first American boxer who has held the WBC heavyweight title for a period of nine years, which is the longest period of time in boxing history.

Deontay has had an impressive career record and is assumed to be preparing for his next fight. So with a career as big as his, we all can make assumptions that he has accumulated a huge net worth and might have enlisted a handful of properties to his name.

Deontay Wilder's Net Worth: $16 million

As of 2018, it is estimated that Deontay Wilder is holding a net worth of $16 million, which have all resulted from his undisputed career in heavyweight boxing.

The 2017 reports stated that his yearly revenue was somewhere around $2m-$5.5 million.

He earned $2.5million form his recent fights against Luis Ortiz and Bermane Stiverne. It was quite a significant improvement over the $900,000, which the boxer made from his fight against Gerald Washington back in February 2017.

So far his win against Artur Szpilka in 2016, where he took home $1.5 million, has been considered one of his highest earnings.


Deontay has not enlisted any house or other properties to his name. He drives a black Lamborghini and is also been sighted posing in front of a Rolce Royce which would have cost him around $305,800 - $339,775.

Next Fight: Deontay vs Tyson

Not to be mistaken with the legendary Mike Tyson, Deontay's next fight will be against Tyson Fury. The match is scheduled for the December of this year.

CAPTION: Deontay confronting Tyson

Tyson hasn't fought his second fight after his huge comeback on July 30, 2018, against Sefer Seferi, and is already preparing to go head on with the current champion. Tyson got his chance against Wilder after Anthony Joshua's failure to get Wilder to fight in the UK.

Deontay Wilder's Career

As a child, Wilder wanted to be a professional football player, for his hometown team, the Alabama Crimson Tide. He also worked a couple of menial jobs including waiting tables at IHOP.


Wilder has been a part of the 2008 Summer Olympics, where he fought against Abdelaziz Toulbini from Algeria and Mohamed Arjaoui from Morocco and defeated them both and lost a match against Clemente Russo from Italy, which might be his only defeat till now.

CAPTION: Deontay with his bronze medal
SOURCE: box rec

He finally came back home with a bronze medal in the heavyweight division from the Olympics.


Wilder made his boxing debut in the 15th November 2008, when he was 23, and faced Ethan Cox. He knocked off Ethan in the second round with a TKO.

CAPTION: Deontay with his belts
SOURCE: give me sport

In just 4 years, he had made a name for himself, and eventually gained fame when he beat the undisputed champion, 37 years old Kelvin Price on 15th November 2012.

As of 2018, Wilder has fought a total of 40 fights in his entire boxing career. With his recent win against Luis Ortiz, Wilder now has won a total of 40 fights in which he has won 39 fights by knockout, and by the decision of the judges.