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Home Gossip How Much Does Steve Bacic's Earn From His Career? His Net Worth At Present

How Much Does Steve Bacic's Earn From His Career? His Net Worth At Present

Blueprince Tue Oct, 2018
How Much Does Steve Bacic's Earn From His Career? His Net Worth At Present

1.85m tall Steve Bacic is a Canadian actor born in Croatia. The actor is well known for portraying the characters of Telemachus Rhade and Gaheris in Gene Roddenberry's television series Andromeda.

Steve Bacic has been in the acting profession since 1991 and has played villainous characters and comical roles, owing to which he has achieved his current net worth. The article focuses on his earnings and net worth.

Steve Bacic's net worth: $2 million

Despite being in the entertainment industry for several years, the 53-year-old actor hasn't been successful enough to amass a net worth as much as the A-listers of Hollywood. However, the net worth he owns is pretty awesome.

Steve Bacic is said to have an estimated net worth of $2 million, which has been possible due to his works in various movies and television series.

CAPTION: Actor Steve Bacic
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The actor has not enlisted any property or locomotives to his name and is believed to be a very private kind of person.

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Steve Bacic has been on the cast of many movies which have made quite a mark in the box office. Some of his highest grossing movies are given below:

  • The 6th Day (2000) - $96.1 million
  • X2: X-Men United (2003) - $407.7 million
  • Good Luck Chuck (2007) - $59.2 million
  • Stargate: Continuum (2008) - $9.2 million
  • Wonder (2017) - $305.9 million

Although there is no mention of the salary that the Canadian actor received for his contributions in these film, we can be well assured that he was paid pretty well, which is obvious from his net worth.

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Steve Bacic's career

Acting was always the second option for Steve Bacic as he wanted to be a professional athlete or a physical therapist. He made his TV debut with a guest appearance in the series 21 Jump Street that also features actors like Johnny Depp.

CAPTION: Actor Steve Bacic
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He then started taking acting classes, during which he met Ethan Hawke. Steve then got a chance to work in another television series named Street Justice from the year 1991 till 1992.

Steve Bacic made his debut in the big screens with the 1993 film Another Stakeout where he worked alongside Daphne Zuniga's husband, Emilio Estevez and Rosie O'Donnell. He then got a recurring role in another series Stargate SG-1 from 2000 till 2004.

CAPTION: Actor Steve Bacic SOURCE: wikia

The actor is well known for his role of Telemachus Rhade in the television series Andromeda

He is also known for his works in other series like The GuardCra$h & BurnBig Love, Republic of Doyle and many others. As of 2018, Steve Bacic has over 100 acting credits to his resume.