Taliban Captures 150 Afghan Militants While Making an Escape into Turkmenistan

Updated On 18 Mar, 2019 Published On

Taliban troops captured 150 Afghan militants on Sunday 17th March 2019 after they tried escaping into the neighboring country Turkmenistan, and were forced back.

100s of Afgan soldier fled, abandoning their posts after a weeklong battle in Bala Murghab.

According to sources, around 50 militants surrendered, while the others escaped into Turkmenistan, but were forced back by the end of the day.

Chairman, Abdul Aziz Bik said

These soldiers have been fighting against the Taliban for years and if they give up, they will be killed by Taliban

Taliban forces launched a late attack on Saturday against checkpoints guarded by police officials and pro-government soldiers in Qaisar district.

The assault resulted in a major artillery battle which lasted into Sunday morning.

Mohammad Tahir Rahmani, head of the council of Faryab province said

The Taliban have gained control of more areas in the district

A spokesman for the police, Karim Yuresh reported a large number of attacks in the district.

This captured happened just after the Taliban's recent attack on forces based in Faryab.

A spokesman for the Taliban tweeted that their fighters had overrun a government and a checkpoint in the Qaisar district.

There's a conflict in the body counts of the militants provided by the government officials.

The Governor's spokesman, Jamshid Shahabi claimed that 16 militants have been killed and 20 others were wounded.

Shahabi said several soldiers tried to escape but provided no actual numbers. He also added more than 40 fighters were killed.

However a council member, Mohammad Naser Nazari said 50 militants were killed and over 100 soldiers were missing.