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Take It Off Immediately: 3 Legendary Strippers

Navin shah Fri Oct, 2018
Take It Off Immediately: 3 Legendary Strippers

Dances to music with undressing were popular in ancient India, Rome, Egypt, and Greece. A variety show appeared in the XIX century, here the girls could bare only a strip of skin from the stocking to the short skirt. Striptease and burlesque were especially popular during the war years.

Wishing to encourage the soldiers, the girls came up with "dance with slow striping." By the end of the 20th century, the show was divided into three groups: burlesque (erotic show with circus acts), striptease and pole dance. There are stars and legends in each area of activity. However, if you are looking for a more modest but, at the same time, still passionate girl, look at Russian dating profiles.

Lili St. Cyr

Lili St. Cyr is one of the first strippers who made the burlesque genre famous. A beauty named Willis Marie Van Schaack, dreaming about a career as a dancer moved from Minnesota to Hollywood. She managed to get into the strip club in San Francisco and came up with several own acts. In one of her most successful shows, she lay in a huge glass of champagne. Later, this element was borrowed by Dita von Teese and Beyoncé for the Naughty Girl music video.

Lili became famous in the 40s when the burlesque became particularly in demand in the US. The war and the echoes of the Great Depression made people look for an outlet in parties and beautiful girls. Lili's fame was maintained not only by an incendiary show but also by a scandalous character. The tabloids wrote about her numerous love affairs with famous men, suicide attempts, and litigation.

The Catholic Church repeatedly complained about the dancer, saying that her show "spreads the unpleasant smell of sexual madness." Lili challenged these statements, and after leaving the stage, the "burlesque queen" was engaged in the design of underwear and costumes for a striptease.

Blaze Starr

Her story is a classic American dream. A beauty worked as a waitress in a provincial American town, then built a stripper career, started a love affair with a government official and wrote memoirs.

She was one of 12 children, her religious family lived in a village in the state of Virginia. At the age of 15, she ran away from home and moved to Washington, where she started working at a donut shop. There the manager of one of the strip-agencies paid attention to her and made a good offer.

Blaze began to travel, performed in clubs and became incredibly popular throughout America. In 1950, she met Earl Long, Governor of Louisiana. Earl was married, and Blaze was getting divorced, but these facts didn’t prevent them from dating till Long's death in 1960.

Blaze danced until 1951 when she began to professionally deal with the sale of precious stones. Also, she ran the Two O’clock club in Baltimore, where her career began.

Lili Burana

Lili Burana joined two professions, journalism and dance. She has released several books, including one about a striptease. Being a teen girl, she started working in strip clubs and told about her impressions in the newspapers.

Later, she published an autobiography " Strip City: A Strippers Farewell Journey Across America," which was named one of the best books of 2008 in the USA. In the book, Lily did not justify her work, on the contrary, she wrote about it as about one of the most nonsexual crafts.

The burst of public interest in striptease has given it a certain legitimacy in the eyes of the public in recent years. Nevertheless, Lili decided to devote herself entirely to journalism, she left dancing and started writing about gender issues and the difficult life of the military, which she knew firsthand, being the wife of an intelligence officer.