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Home News Sylvester Stallone Playing Lead in History Channel's The Tenderloin

Sylvester Stallone Playing Lead in History Channel's The Tenderloin

Blueprince Thu Mar, 2019
Sylvester Stallone Playing Lead in History Channel's The Tenderloin

History Channel teamed up with Golden Globe Award-winning actor, Sylvester Stallone for making a new police-drama TV show, The Tenderloins.

The show will be produced under A+E Studios and the Balboa Productions' banner.

Thanks to Creed and its sequel, Creed 2, actor Sylvester Stallone found himself back in the film industry and will be directing and producing multiple series' episodes.

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Well, where I am unsuccessfully hiding from the camera during filming , even Rambo needs a break! @rambomovie

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The pilot for the forthcoming police saga will be written by Stephen Kay, who has working experiences with Sons of Anarchy.

The story of The Tenderloin is based on a true story of former policeman Charles Becker.

The story deals with the life of the New York cop in the 1990s when he led his squad called the Strong-Arm Squad in the neighborhood of The Tenderloin, to fight the ongoing crimes committed by Italian, Irish and Jewish gangs.


CAPTION: Charles Becker

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To make things short, Becker and his squad were a band of dirty cops who worked hard to impose law and order in a city that was full of crimes and gangs.

According to Eli Lehrer, Head of Programming of History Channel,

Long before Miranda Rights or the fictional series The Shield, there was the very real Charles Becker, a police officer living by his own moral code,

He further added

This is a passion project for Sylvester, who has discovered new facts on Becker’s case that shed new light on this infamous anti-hero. We look forward to joining forces with him to bring this incredible story to History audiences

We wish Sylvester Stallone all the very best.