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Home Gossip Susan Delise' Husband Juan Williams's Net Worth In 2018: Know About His Salary, Career, and Awards

Susan Delise' Husband Juan Williams's Net Worth In 2018: Know About His Salary, Career, and Awards

Anjali Limbu Lawati Tue May, 2018
Susan Delise' Husband Juan Williams's Net Worth In 2018: Know About His Salary, Career, and Awards

Susan Delise is a loving wife of American journalist Juan Antonio Williams, who is popularly known as Juan Williams. Juan is Panamanian-born American journalist and political analyst. He is also a proud registered Democrat whose both sons are Republican party members.

Williams, who married Susan Delise in July 1978, has three children with her, a daughter Rae and two sons: Antonio and Raphael. Juan is currently working for Fox News Channel and has amassed a huge net worth of $2 million. Want to know more about his career and net worth? Scroll down.

Juan Williams's Career

Juan Williams, who is a graduate of Haverford College with a baccalaureate in philosophy has successfully established his career in journalism. He has also been a part of The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

Williams has many articles about on-going political uprisings that have been published in magazines such as The Atlantic Monthly and Time.

Juan Williams has worked for The Washington Post for 23 years. He was also associated with the National Public Radio (NPR) from 1999 until October 2010, in the position of senior news analyst.

When he was fired from the NPR, he was also featured as a co-host on Bill O'Reilly's show The O'Reilly Factor on Fox News Channel.

CAPTION: Juan Williams on Fox News Channel
SOURCE: Net Worth Post

Later, he was signed by the channel for $2 million in October 2010. He also has his hands in television documentaries. Currently, he is the regular co-host of Fox's The Five alongside e Jesse WattersGreg Gutfeld, and Dana Perino.

He has worked in many documentaries like Politics: The New Black PowerA. Philip Randolph: For Jobs and FreedomCivil Rights and The PressRiot to Recovery and Dying for Healthcare for which he has been critically praised for his journalism works.

He has also penned Eyes on the Prize: America's Civil Rights Years, 1954–1965 (1987), This Far by Faith (2003), and Enough (2006).

Juan Williams's Achievements and Net Worth: 2018 Update

Juan Williams, who is already a college graduate, has received honorary doctorates from Haverford College and the State University of New York. He has won many journalism awards like Education Writers of America (1979), Emmy Award (1989), Columnist of the Year, Washingtonian (1982) and others.

64 years old Williams, who has been tied with his racial and misogynist slurs from time to time, has also been acclaimed for his talent of being a sharp political analyst.

His jump from the NPR to Fox News Channel had him a rise in pay as well; his contract of three years was for $2 million. 

CAPTION: Juan Williams and his wife Susan Delise

His salary from his work in the Fox News Channel is not the only source of his income. He constantly writes news article majorly about politics that gets published in the mainstream newspapers.

Apart from that, he also earns from his books and documentaries. His current estimated net worth, as in 2018, is around $2 million.

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