Survivor: Ghost Island Concludes; Wendell Holland Jr. becomes the first ever tie vote winner

Updated On 24 May, 2018 Published On

The season 36 of the American reality competition TV franchise, Survivor finally concluded with a 33 years' old Philadelphian, Wendell Holland Jr. as the victor of the show with the first ever tie vote. 

It was May 23 Wednesday, when all eyes were placed on the six finalists of the Survivor: Ghost Island. Wendell along with Domenick Abbate, Angela Perkins, Sebastian Noel, Donathan Hurley, and Laurel Johnson, were competing for the title and the $1 million prize.

Wendell outlasted all of his competitors and won the title and the cash prize becoming the winner of the 36th season. 

The season ended with a bang as the two competitors Wendell and Domenick came up at the top. It was a neck-and-neck competition. Dom had three immunity with a legacy advantage and a real and fake idol. Similarly, Wendell also had two immunities with a real and fake idol. 

The competition came out as a tough choice for the judges as both of them were tied with the same number of votes. One of the runner-ups was Laurel, the 0-vote finalist. She was given the deciding vote in a historic moment. 

The show came to a close with Laurel voting Wendell as the winner making his numbers sum up to a total of 6 votes. 

The decision of the 10-person jury was read aloud while in Fiji by the host of the show, Jeff Probst. He revealed that the two top competitors were tied with 5 votes each. Jeff later announced that the third member (Laurel) who received zero votes, would have the chance to cast the most important vote and break the tie. 

All of the competitors and the cast members fell back to Los Angeles where it all started, and it was there where Wendell was given the winners title. 

The competition had both the competitors go for the gold but, there can only be one winner, and that winner came up as Wendell.