Sundy Carter of ‘Basketball Wives’ Reveals She Was Raped And Drugged Amid Sex Tape Leakage

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On Thursday, Sundy Carter of reality TV series Basketball Wives revealed her recent encounter with sexual violence via Instagram.

Just a week back, a video of Carter performing fellatio on a man identified as Meechie Hoe surfaced on the internet and is going viral. The entrepreneur cum reality TV star, on the other hand, claims that she was drugged and taken advantage of while the video is becoming a big deal. 

She wrote in her Instagram post:

The video that was released by Meechie to Amber was all a ploy to sabotage me

She even shared that she was a like a mentor to Meechie Hoe and trusted him a lot.

She added:

Meechie failed to mention that he drugged me as in laced my drink in the lobby & was able to get me to my room. As far as anything besides what you saw didn’t take place & if so release the entire footage!

Despite her serious post on Instagram, fans are doubting that she is playing the victim and are discrediting her claims. Many have even claimed that she was engaged in consensual sex with the man, which is compelling Carter to respond to these comments on social media.

One Twitter user wrote:

Why would sundy carter ever lie and say she was drugged to have sex with meechie, when in fact you was not, now just lie and scream rape because the videos leaked.. you’re too old for

As of now, Carter is claiming that she will soon take legal actions to prove what is wrong.

While, Meechie, on the other hand, does not seem to be taking things seriously and responded to her threat via a not-so-serious Instagram post.


Shawty buggin

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This is not the first time, a woman in the entertainment industry has come out clean about her experience and not been believed. For further information, we will have to wait until we hear more from the respective parties.