Stunning at 50! How has Sharon Tay managed to defy her age and stay fit?

    Updated On 05 Apr, 2016 Published On

    Singaporean American journalist of the MSNBC network, Sharon Tay is still stunningly beautiful at the age of 50. She looks to be in her thirties and her beauty and the charm she portrays on the screen are noteworthy. How exactly does she manage to defy her age and stay fit and young at this age?

    Sharon Tay is a graduate of the Boston University and has been known to start her breakthrough in her career after being the anchor, producer, and writer of the weekend news show for a station with was a local cable. She moved on to the KCCN-TV and then the KTLA-5. She has been known for being the host of MSNBC and works currently for the CBS2 as well as the KCAL-9. All through her career, she has awed her audiences by managing to defy her age and look years younger by the secrets she possesses. She is married and has children. 

    A naturally beautiful lady with a net worth of 1.5 million dollars and a salary of 300 thousand, Sharon has a height of 5 feet and 3 inches. She has a perfect body shape and a face that has defied the expectations of old age to make her look considerably younger than she is. Like all other celebrities, she has given special attention to managing her weight and exercising daily to stay fit and fine. She has a proper diet regime which she follows to make her skin look younger by the day. Her beauty has been increased more by the special care she gives to the use of natural and organic products in her food. She has an exercise regime that fits in perfectly to her regime. Her looks and beauty have made fans wonder about how she can defy age and look so pretty. She will surely be followed and liked by her fans around the world for her exquisite looks and expertise showcased on the screen for the years to come.