'Stranger Things' Star David Harbour Officiates Fan's Wedding After Twitter Challenge

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David Harbour keeps his promise! Nine months ago, the Stranger Things star told a fan (namely Erika) he would officiate her wedding, and now the actor, 43, has revealed that he "made good" on his deal. 

He took to Twitter on Saturday, September 15, to share a photo of the wedding ceremony, where he wore Stranger Things character, Chief of Police Jim Hopper's dress.

Hey internet. I know it’s been awhile. I retreated. Needed some space. You probably get it. But I’ve been thinking about ya in the interim. And all your retweets. And so me and some fun folks in Springfield, Illinois, made good on our promise we made all those months ago.

Here's the tweet, check it out.

Fans quickly become wild for the photo and expressed how much they loved him for keeping his words.

In January, when a fan named Erika took to Twitter and asked "What would it take to get @DavidKHarbour to be the Officiant at my wedding in September?!", David replied, "125k retweets".

He responded at the time,

125k retweets. Provided date works with s3 [Stranger Things] shooting schedule, I will get ordained and perform ceremony.  I get to read an esteemed love letter of my choosing, and after the cake is officially cut, I get the very first piece. #allthecakes

Take a look.

In less than 24 hours, Erika ended had already got the necessary retweets, after which the actor told her to "get the ball rolling."

Check out the tweet.

David, who has currently been nominated for the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series at Emmy Awards 2018, will reprise his role in the season 3 of the hit Netflix fantasy horror series.

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