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Home Gossip Steven Crowder Is Living A Happy Married Life With Wife Hilary Crowder, All About Their Love Life

Steven Crowder Is Living A Happy Married Life With Wife Hilary Crowder, All About Their Love Life

Sabrina Thapa Thu Mar, 2018
Steven Crowder Is Living A Happy Married Life With Wife Hilary Crowder, All About Their Love Life

Steven Blake Crowder, or simply Steven Crowder, is a political commentator with both American and Canadian nationality. Additionally, Crowder is an actor, comedian, and the host of the show Louder with Crowder. Steven is happily married to wife Hilary Crowder whose maiden name is Hilary Korzon. The couple got married in 2012

Steven is a conservative political commentator. His sarcastic videos stream on his YouTube channel which gained one million subscribers in 2017. He has also worked on Fox News and regularly appeared on TheBlaze.


Back at my childhood home for the first time in over a decade. Made me very grateful.

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To find out more about Steven Crowder's marriage to wife Hilary Crowder, continue reading.

Steven Crowder Married life with Hilary Crowder

The dream wedding of husband Steven Crowder with wife Hilary Crowder took place at the end of August in 2012.

The bride looked gorgeous in her white couture off-shoulder gown and Steven's black tuxedo along with a black bow tie suited him well.

Steven Crowder with wife Hilary Crowder

Wedding photo of Steven and Hilary

source: Liverampup

The newlywed bridegroom wrote an abstinence column titled "Waiting till the wedding night – getting married the right way".

In the column, he states the benefits of abstinent before the marriage.

The column was first posted on and was available to read in Fox News Opinion as well.

There he wrote that he penned this article on a plane heading to the tropical paradise with the most beautiful woman he has walked with on planet earth. 


Hopper going in for another knee surgery. Tonight #FeelTheHopper returns on #LwC!

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It has been almost 6-years that Steven tied the knot with Hilary. The couple is in a healthy relationship.

Even though Steven Crowder isn't blessed with any children, he takes care of his American bulldog named Hopper like his own child.

There is no information regarding Steven and his wife Hilary Crowder getting separated or divorced. There is also no news of the pair having any kind of extramarital affairs. 

Early life and Career of Hilary Crowder's husband Steven Crowder

Raised in a Christian household in Greenfield Park, Quebec, Steven Crowder started off his career by giving voice to Alan "The Brain" Powers, a character in Arthur which is an animated educational television series for children.

At the age of 15, he started doing stand-up comedy and landed a role in the movie To Save a Life at the age of 22.

Prior to that, Steven Crowder acted on several films. He made his first appearance on Fox News when he was 21-year-old and worked there for 4-years.

Since 2009, he has been regularly posting politically conservative videos. His satirical video of Barack Obama's endorsement ad by Lena Dunham was mentioned in the magazine, The American Spector.

Watch the video of the parody of Lena Dunham by Steven Crowder

After his exit from the Fox News in October 2013, he was released from his contract with Fox News as he had publicly criticized the Fox News host Sean Hannity in a radio interview.

At present, Steven Crowder hosts the podcast Louder with Crowder which includes the topics relating to pop culture and politics. The program streams on YouTube and Conservative Review's streaming service CRTV.

The program is also featured on  Facebook, SoundCloud, iTunes, terrestrial radio and at as well.


?Already planning Thursday's night show opening. Be afraid....?

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Hope Steven Crowder's married life with wife Hilary Crowder lasts forever, and he gains success in his future projects as well.