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Home Gossip Steven Avery & his fiancee Lynn Hartman are getting married. Find more about the relation

Steven Avery & his fiancee Lynn Hartman are getting married. Find more about the relation

abhilasha Sun Nov, 2016
Steven Avery & his fiancee Lynn Hartman are getting married. Find more about the relation

Lynn Hartman and Steven Avery were engaged. They are supposed to get married very soon. Whereas Steven Avery is still in a prison after the murder he did in 2005. Steven Avery and Lynn Hartman have their one side of love story. This couple dated for quite a few years. There also came a rumour that Steven dumped the gold digger fiancé just after one week of their engagement. Do you think this piece of information is true? Will this loving duo get married?

Steven Avery and Lynn Hartman

Steven Avery and fiancé Lynn Hartman

Steven Avery and fiancé Lynn Hartman, according to Heavy, this couple dated for eight months. It is said that they didn’t meet in person for the first time until a week before the Daily Mail broke the news. Prior to their meeting the main tool of communication between this love, a pair were letters and phone calls finally they met at the Waupun Correctional Institute.

This couple kept their affair a secret but according to Lynn Hartman she was still a victim of online critics that acclaimed her dating Steven just for same popularity and they don’t really have love between them. People also said that she was in a relationship with her because she will possibly make fortune if he is released from prison.

Lynn Hartman

Whereas in one of the interview Stephen Avery gave to Daily Mail he told, "She's going to be my future wife, we'll be laughing forever." "I am happy she treats me decent, she loves me, she's kind of spoiling me right now. I just want to be happy and enjoy my life, I think I did enough time."

This pair has also confirmed their relationship and engagement to People Magazine. Stephen's attorney Kathleen Zellner says," Steven deserves every bit of happiness that comes his way, he is very much in live and happy with Lynn so we are happy for them," She also told Us Weekly that Stephen Avery's engagement to Lynn is one bright spot in an otherwise unbelievably tragic and unfair life story."

Steven Avery mug shot

Steven engagement and marry to Lynn is not his first one. He has been married before with Sandra Greenman. From the day Steven has been in jail Sandra seems to have a frequent visit to the prison to see her ex-husband. As per the statement of Sandra to Daily Mail, she is now no longer engaged to him. She too believes that Steven is innocent. Moreover, Steven before Sandra was married to another lady named Lori Dassey from 1982 to 1988.

In an interview with by Lynn Hartman with Dr, Phil she also told that Steven sings his letters with "Your Husband" and she strongly believes that her fiancé is very much innocent and he needs help. Steven and Lynn as being so much in love with each other will be getting marry after Steven is freed from the jail.

Talking about "Making a Murder", The Wraps is going to cast the roles of Dean Strang, Steven Avery, Ken Kratz and many more.