Steve Sarkisian: USC Football Coach FIRED While in Rehab!

Updated On 03 Jan, 2016 Published On

Steve Sarkisian, the respected USC Football Coach, has been recently fired from his position owing to alcohol problems while in rehab. He had been appointed as the head football coach of the University of Southern California (USC) starting from 2014.

This 40 year old, former professional college football player’s coaching career in the USC was cut short after the athletic director of the University, Pat Haden asked him to take a leave of absence. This came after his personal problems and issues took a toll over him and he portrayed a string of alcohol intoxicated behavior while on his job. Citing him as ‘not healthy’, Sarkisian was granted a leave of absence. Steve promised to seek treatment but before he could steady himself, he has been fired from his job.

Pat Haden issued a statement and said that the decision to terminate Steve Sarkisian from his post has been undertaken by considering the best interest of the University and its athletes. Clay Helton has been appointed to step in to Steve’s position as an interim coach. Pat went on to show his concerns for Steve and wished him to focus better on his personal wellbeing.

As stories of alcohol abuse issues of Steve have come up, there have also been rumors that his recent divorce has been the reason behind his irrational behavior. His alcohol abuse stories have been documented and he has been known to show up in practices and games, visibly drunk from alcohol. Steve is aware of the fact that he has been terminated and has admitted himself into a facility to seek treatment. His students and other people who know and care for him can surely hope that he comes back to his senses, deals with his personal and alcohol related problems and that his position in the USC has not been compromised permanently.