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Home Gossip Steve Lund Rumored To Be a Gay, What's The Truth? All About His Affairs and Relationship

Steve Lund Rumored To Be a Gay, What's The Truth? All About His Affairs and Relationship

Sabrina Thapa Thu Feb, 2018
Steve Lund Rumored To Be a Gay, What's The Truth?  All About His Affairs and Relationship

Canadian actor Steve Lund is best known for his role in Yukonic and Bitten. The 29-year-old was born in a middle-class family and attended the Vancouver Film School from where he studied acting. He has appeared in television shows such as Blue Mountain state, Hemlock Grove, and Haven.

The actor is currently single.There are no records of Steve having dated anyone in the past. But there are rumors of Steve being gay among his fans and media.

Steve Lund has always been in the limelight because of his personal life. To know more about Steve Lund's relationships and rumors about his sexual orientation, continue to read below.

Relationships of Steve Lund

The reports regarding the relationships of Steve Lund is still under wraps. Though the muscular actor has immense popularity among ladies, it is still unknown who Steve is dating.

Till date, there is no news of Steve being romantically involved with anyone neither has he been linked with any of his female co-stars. 

Since Steve has been single for a long time, there have been several rumors regarding him being a gay.

Steve Lund rumored to be Gay

Along with Steve's relationship status, his choice of characters in television series like Bitten is also the reason he has been rumored being a gay. In the TV series Bitten, Steve's character Nick Sorrentino was openly bisexual. This also made a huge influence in budding of the alleged rumor.

Moreover, on September 5, 2016, Steve posted a photo of himself hugging and staring into eyes of Jeff Jones, who is publically gay, on his Instagram account.The unexpected photo acted as petrol to the burning controversy.


I do. #CampLohnes

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His followers were convinced that the two were lovers. However, Lund has not spoken a word about the topic. Even in interviews, the handsome hunk smartly avoids questions regarding his personal life.

Career of Steve Lund

Steve was a prominent hockey player in his early days. He used to play in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. But due to serious injuries, he had to give up his dreams of establishing a career in hockey and pursue acting.

Steve Lund playing hockey

Actor Steve Lund during his hockey days

source: Pinterest

He made his debut on television as Stewart in the Yankovic web series. Later on, he appeared in the third season of Haven as James Cogan. With positive feedbacks, Lund made several guest appearances on shows such as Lost Girl, Suits, Being Erica, Alphas, Defiance, Hemlock Grove, Beauty and The Beast, and Nikita.

He became a noticeable actor in the film industry after being cast in Bitten based on the Women of the Otherworld series of books written by Kelley Armstrong.

Watch the trailer for Bitten featuring Steve Lund

Hope the talented actor with an estimated net worth around $4 million will soon speak up about his sexuality and answer all the curiosities of his fans.