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Home Gossip Steve Harvey And Marjorie Elaine Harvey Living Happily Together After Divorce With Ex-Wife, Affairs

Steve Harvey And Marjorie Elaine Harvey Living Happily Together After Divorce With Ex-Wife, Affairs

Ashmita Karki Tue Jul, 2017
Steve Harvey And Marjorie Elaine Harvey Living Happily Together After Divorce With Ex-Wife, Affairs

There are only a few people who don't know about Steve Harvey. Steve, a comedian, and host grabbed worldwide attention when he announced the wrong winner during the Miss Universe 2015. Apart from this, he is also known for his unsuccessful relationships and marriages.

Married thrice and divorced twice, Steve Harvey has had quite a devastating married life in the past. Yet, his current relationship with his wife Marjorie Elaine Harvey is going pretty well. The pair has been together as a husband and wife since 2007 are living happily together and we haven't heard any split rumors till date since Steve's divorce with his ex-wife. Let's dig into the details about Steve Harvey's personal life.

Love At The First Sight: Steve Harvey And Marjorie Elaine Harvey's Love Story

Steve Harvey fell in love as soon as he saw Marjorie Elaine Harvey for the first time in Memphis Comedy Club or we can say it was love at first sight.

On the same night, Steve announced on stage that he doesn't know who Marjorie is but he is going to marry her.

?Steve Harvey with Marjorie Bridges Harvey

Steve Harvey with Marjorie Elaine Harvey

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At the moment, what Steve said was apparently not possible as he was married to his second wife Mary Shackelford (Lee) then. Steve had been married to ex-wife Mary since 1996. However, he divorced his ex-wife. Mary Lee Harvey in 2005 to get married to wife Majorie Elaine Harvey.

Steve Harvey's other two marriages

After splitting with Mary, Steve reconnected with Marjorie and tied the knot with her on 25th June 2007. Steve claims that his current wife has made him a better man and changed his life.

CAPTION: Steve Harvey with ex-wife Mary Lee Harvey

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Apart from Marjorie and Mary, Steve was also married to Marcia Harvey, who is his first wife. They remained in a marital relationship from 1980 to 1994.

Steve Harvey's children and grandchildren

Steve Harvey and Marcia Lee Harvey had three children, twin daughters, and a son, together. He had a son with Mary Lee Harvey. Even though he had no kids with Marjorie, he treats Marjorie Elaine Harvey's children from her previous marriage as his own.

Did you know Steve Harvey was homeless once and he showered at a gas station?

Steve Harvey with Marjorie Harvey with their kids

Steve Harvey with Marjorie Elaine Harvey with their kids

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The couple is grandparents of four grandkids. During the marital relationship of more than 9 years, the couple has faced a lot of ups and downs.

However, they never let their misunderstanding become a barricade in their life and are living a happy life together. 

Until now, there are no rumors of them getting divorced or of them being in any kind of extramarital relations. 

The Steve Harvey Show host has a total of seven children and five grandchildren.

Steve Harvey and Mary Lee Harvey Divorce Controversy

Although it seems like Steve Harvey passed from one marriage to another easily, he had quite a hard time when dealing with his divorces.

When Steve divorced Mary Lee Harvey, she showcased Steve's relationship with Marjorie Elaine Harvey in a negative manner. She accused that Steve evicted her and took away their son forcefully.

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Steve Harvey Accused of Torturing His Ex-Wife in $60 Million Lawsuit

He was also accused of having a secret affair with his current wife before separating from ex-wife Mary through a YouTube video.

When the case was solved later, no evidence for ex-wife Mary's accusations were found and the case went in Steve Harvey's favor.


Baecation #harveys ??????

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Although Steve and Marjorie had to pass through some issues caused by a third person, their relationship with each other is going great. It is good to see that Steve has finally settled with the love of his life, after the divorce from his ex-wife.

Even though there's no hint of divorce between Steve Harvey and Majorie Elaine Harvey, we cannot be sure what the future beholds. We hope they stay together forever and live happily together.

Quick Facts about Steve Harvey:

What is Steve Harvey age?

As of 2019, Steve is 62 years old.

What is Steve Harvey's ex-wives' name?

Steve Harvey's ex-wives' names are Marica Harvey and Mary Lee Harvey.

When did Steve Harvey marry Marjorie Elaine Harvey?

Steve Harvey married Marjorie Elaine Harvey in 2007.