Steve Buscemi and his wife Jo Andres are together for THREE DECADES with son Lucian Buscemi

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Hollywood actor Steve Buscemi is married to Jo Andres. Buscemi’s wife Andres is a renowned filmmaker who is also a choreographer and artist. This angelic couple has been together for over three decades.

The couple has a son named Lucian Buscemi. The Buscemi family is a complete family of three. There is not a slight rumour of divorce between Buscemi and Andres. Scroll down to know their married life and children:

Steve Buscemi married life with Jo Andres

The Broadwalk Empire star, Steve Buscemi tied the knot with his talented wife Jo Andres in the year 1987. They dated for a few years before getting married. When Andres met Buscemi for the first time, she failed to recognise him as a Hollywood star.

Buscemi said: When we met, she didn't realise I was the guy on the poster. When we got to my apartment, she saw the same poster and said, 'That's you!'

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Image: Steve Buscemi and Jo Andres

Steve Buscemi and Jo Andres' Love Story

Steve Buscemi loves his wife very much. You might be amazed to know that Buscemi’s songs in the past were all inspired by his darling wife, his then-girlfriend.

Many years ago, Buscemi said in an interview: “practically all those sad songs I wrote back then were inspired by a girl I was in love who was away for a month in Europe, with her ex-boyfriend no less. I was convinced our short romance was over. But when she returned, things heated up again between us. Her name is Jo Andres, and we’ve been married now for 17 years. If she ever leaves me, maybe I’ll start writing songs again. But I’d much rather be happy with her than writing sad songs without her.” His fantastic career has helped him to earn a net worth of $35 million.

Image: A young photo of Steve Buscemi and Jo Andres

Steve Buscemi and Jo Andres' son Lucian Buscemi

Talking about Steve Buscemi and Jo Andres’ children, they have only one son. In 1990, Andres got the privilege to become a mother for the first time. Andres and Buscemi’s son Lucian Buscemi is already a grown-up guy at present.

He is a vocalist and electric bass expert at a band named Fiasco. He has also appeared in the movie Black Kites.

Steve Buscemi and Jo Andres Divorced Issues?

The secret behind Steve Buscemi and Jo Andres’ unbreakable relationship is their love and trust. Buscemi despite being so famous, never cheated on his wife. During his youth, he had so many lady fans and followers, but he never had any girlfriend over his wife. Isn’t he such an honest and loyal man? Thus, even after three decades, their relationship is going well without any divorce rumours.

Image: Steve Buscemi and Jo Andres

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