Stephen Belafonte got his child's nanny Pregnant, Mel B obtained Restraining Order

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The former Spice girl Mel B who recently has filed a divorce case against her producer husband Stephen Belafonte has something more to add to the suffering stories. She has series of allegations against Belafonte which includes the use of abusive language, sexual exploitation along with criminal behavior.

The suffering is finally out to the world and we know what she had been through all these years. Mel B has made a string of allegations in her restraining order which was forwarded to the court on Monday. She clearly mentioned that she has been into home violence from the first year of their marriage.

Mel B shows how she was treated by Stephen Belafonte

Mel B shows how she was treated by Stephen Belafonte

The Couple labeled as scandalous, shockingly after the divorce case was forwarded has made their fans raise only one question, how in the earth did they manage to live together for ten long years? How much can a person suffer? It is so heartbreaking to know the singer loved by millions was hated in her own family life. 

Mel B Physically harassed and threatened to release sex tapes

In 2012 when she was shooting for X factor (Australia) with the singer-actor Usher, Stephen got jealous and punched her in the face busting her lips. This was just one of the many incidents as outed By Mel B. Further to add to this incident, a day before her Olympic performance he bruised her throwing her to the floor.

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte

She drank an entire bottle of Asprin in 2014 to get relief from the physical and mental stress and when she tried to call the emergency services after her situation got worst, her husband locked her in the bedroom to die. She further added that after the death of her father, instead of supporting her Belafonte instead passed hateful comment.

'Suck it up. If he's going to die, he's going to die

Though the producer Stephen Belafonte has been denying the allegations he has been ordered by the court to stay away from the family.

Court orders him to leave home, Mel B and her three children alone

The court has forced him to stay away from the family. Furthermore, recently police searched Mel B's Hollywood mansion in the search of illegal ammunition that she alleged her husband pulled out on her. The court has given a restraining order to Stephen Belafonte and he will be charged as guilty on violation of the court's order.

Mel B 's wounds seen Stephen Belafonte harassed her

Mel B 's bruised and healed wounds could be seen clearly


The law enforcement should actually oversee the six month's rule and make an exception in this case because time looks like of a huge essence here. 

Mel B Claims her husband forced her to have threesomes and threatened to release sex tape

Her claims further got to another extremity with allegations of Stephen's extreme madness. As alleged by Mel B, Belafonte got her involved in a sexual intercourse along with an unknown woman forcefully. He also threatened to release her sex tape. The threesome was completely forced and without her personal approval as per the singer's claims. She further added that Belafonte got her nanny pregnant as well. 

Stephen poking fun at the previous allegations of threesomes

Stephen poking fun at the previous allegations of threesomes

We all are shocked at the level of domestic violence that the singer has been through. Let's see, how the case takes turns in future, but this divorce case filed a month ago has shown some of the darkest secrets of The Hollywood life.