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Home Gossip Stephen A Smith annoyed Ayesha Curry; wife of NBA player Stephen curry.

Stephen A Smith annoyed Ayesha Curry; wife of NBA player Stephen curry.

abhilasha Wed Nov, 2016
Stephen A Smith annoyed Ayesha Curry; wife of NBA player Stephen curry.

Ayesha Curry the wife of NBA player Stephen Curry received a tweet from Stephen A. Smith which called her over the NBA. Ayesha fires back at ESPN's Stephen A. Smith after he compared her to LeBron James' wife. It seems that Stephen definitely has some thoughts about Ayesha Curry's decision to tweet that the NBA 'is absolutely rigged'. This matter was after Stephen Curry loss the Golden State to the Cavaliers.

Stephen A. Smith and Ayesha Curry

Ayesha Curry married to Stephen Curry just slammed ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith after he said and compared her and LeBron James wife Savannah. Ayesha warned him not to talk about any relationship between anyone and make an issue. See their messages here!

Full Tweet from Stephen A. Smith


'If that was Savannah, LeBron's wife. If that were Gloria, LeBron's mother. What would we be saying?' twitted Stephen A. Smith.

Then there came a long reply which goes this way, "LeBron James has a mom and has a wife, has kids, great guy, an ever greater ambassador of the game of basketball than Steph Curry because he's done it over the test time. Wonderful, beautiful father. And I've got news for you: As beautiful as everyone wants Ayesha Curry is, and he is, Savannah is something special. I'm here to tell you something right now. Ain't a man alive, particularly a black man, that's going to look at LeBron James's wife and not say that that woman ain't gorgeous. She is wonderful inside and out. She sits there, she doesn’t bring any attention to herself. She never tweets and goes out the league and stuff like that. And nobody-nobody- is more scrutinized than her husband. But yet, she thinks about how she represents him, and as a result, she doesn’t do that.


Stephen A. Smith again wrote something about Savannah and asking if they know how much heat LeBron James may have taken. Then Ayesha Curry twitted @stephenasmith why are you putting two women against each other like that? You're the one that's out of pocket.

After the tweet, Stephen A. Smith starting explaining saying Ayesha Curry is a wonderful woman and he would never disrespect her. After the tweet, Ayesha has made she put her husband in a precarious position. And same goes with LeBron James and his wife as they would've been treated differently by the media and by the masses. He wasn’t comparing the two ladies but just letting know that others would not hesitate to do it. He kept on explaining more and more talking about Stephen's father and mother to be great and so is Ayesha.


At the end, he writes, 'it’s giving you an example of what may work, and what you might want to avoid like she's avoiding it, before the media and everybody else uses your tweet as a tool to attack you and possibly your husband. That's all I'm saying. I meant no disrespect, I certainly don’t mean it now.'