Stephanie Pratt Says She Ends Up in Hospital Because of Brother Spencer Pratt

Updated On 20 Apr, 2019 Published On

American TV personality Stephanie Pratt has been going through a lot lately. And amid the ongoing ordeal, presumably caused by her brother Spenser Pratt, she has accused him to be the reason she ends up in a hospital on several occasions.

The 33 years old Hill star chose her Pratt Cast podcast to convey her message on Thursday, April 18. She said,

[My parents] see me in hospitals. Most of the really bad times where I end up in a hospital is something triggered by Spencer. They see that the suffering is become … it’s turned into full depression.

Stephanie also recalled her traumatic past when her brother along with his mother Heidi Montag manipulated their mother to tell Stephanie to not stay in London.

In her words, she explained how she felt to see someone ruining her life. She said,

The next thing that happened, I was just like, ‘He cannot keep ruining my life, I was so out of control because the next thing I knew, I was in an ambulance from a suicide attempt. … I’m just grinning and bearing it, watching them watching my life just become more depressed and stressed.

The Made in Chelsea alum who was in Hawaii when recording the podcast explained how she chose to travel to Hawaii to relieve herself from all the stress.

It was either going to Hawaii to chill out by myself, or I was going to go to a treatment center for trauma, even though I went to one last year. I have calls with my therapist from here once a week, but I just had to get out of L.A. Like, it’s just so toxic for me.

Further, the 33 years old all went on to explain her relationship with her parents and how the feud has ruined it over the years. The actress also expressed her fear that her relationship with her parents may not be the same as it used to be and accused her parent of "rooting for the wrong kid."

Things will never, ever be the same, For all I know, my parents have disowned me.

Well, as of now, Stephanie is not in talking terms with Spencer and she blames Spencer's wife Heidi Montag for the feud between the sibling.