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Home Gossip Stand-up comedian Norm Macdonald has a net worth and salary that go hand in hand with his career

Stand-up comedian Norm Macdonald has a net worth and salary that go hand in hand with his career

Ashmita Karki Mon Sep, 2016
Stand-up comedian Norm Macdonald has a net worth and salary that go hand in hand with his career

Norm Macdonald is a renowned stand-up comedian, whose net worth is approximate $2 million as of 2018. Macdonald’s career is also as amazing as the amount of money he makes. Both his career and net worth go hand in hand.

Norm MacDonald

Image: Norm MacDonald

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Wanna find out how Norm managed his millions fortune. Just keep scrolling down!

How Norm Macdonald makes his money?

Macdonald has worked for over 30 years in different parts of the entertainment industry.

Stills from one of Macdonald's performance

Image: Stills from one of Macdonald's performance

Source: Channel Nonfiction

So it’s obvious for him to make a net worth of $2 million. However, his net worth would have been higher if he did not gamble. Yes, you read it right. Macdonald gambles frequently and spends a lot of money on it. He admitted himself that at one point in his life, he even moved into a building that had a casino in its lobby. Other days, he used to take a limo from New York to New Jersey in order to fulfill his gambling needs.

Norm Macdonald's career

Macdonald has worked very hard in the film and TV industry since the beginning. It was not an easy task for him to reach where he is now. 

Norm Macdonald in his youth]

Image: Norm Macdonald in his youth

Source: YouTube

Talking about Macdonald’s early days, he initially did stand-up comedy at different clubs He participated in 1987’s ‘Just for Laughs Comedy Festival’ in Montreal. His career got a big turn in 1993 after he joined ‘Saturday Night Live’. Yes, his show, ‘Saturday Night Live’ gave him so much fame. His ‘Weekend Update’ segment was adored by many people. It helped Macdonald add a lot of cash into his net worth.

He depicted a lot of famous celebrities such as Larry King, David Letterman, Bob Dole, etc. Besides, he also joked about the political issues. However, he got fired in 1997, but by then, he had already earned so much money. 

Video: Watch one of Macdonald's stand-up comedy

After getting fired from ‘Saturday Night Live’, Norm started his own show called ‘The Norm Show,’ in 1999. However, it only lasted for about two years. But by then, he had bagged a number of projects on TV such as ‘High Stakes Poker’, ‘Sports Show with Norm Macdonald’ etc. which added more money to his net worth.

Besides stand-up comedy, Macdonald also made a lot of money as a writer and an actor. He was the voice-over artist for characters in “Dr. Dolitle” movies, “Family Guy” series and much more. 

You know now what kind of achievement Norm has made in his life, but there is no information about Macdonald's salary and awards.

Norm Macdonald's personal life

Talking about his personal life, he has a son from his ex-wife, Connie. The couple got married in 1988 but divorced later due to some mysterious reason.
Thus, looking at MacDonald’s glorious career, we can say that his net worth and career go hand in hand.