Stand-Up Comedian Garry Shandling Is No More But Has Left Behind His Legacy: His Net Worth & Career

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    Late Garry Emmanuel Shandling, a.k.a. Garry Shandling, was one of the legendary comedian and actor in the Hollywood industry. Garry, who also served as a director, writer, and comedian, had an estimated net worth of $17 million. 

    Born on 29th November 1949, he passed away at the age of 66 on 24th March 2016. To date, he is recognized for his outstanding performances in The Tonight Show Starring Jhonny Carson. 

    Let's find out more about his net worth and career. 

    Garry Shandling net worth and earnings

    Garry Shandling, who never got married or had any children, had an estimated net worth of $17 million prior to his death. His major source of income was his career in the entertainment industry. 

    Garry Shandling

    Garry Shandling

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    Despite earning millions of dollars and receiving pay cheques which were also in more than six figures, he lived a very simple life. According to sources, from 1987 to 1994, he lived in an apartment with his fiancee, Linda Doucett

    Garry Shandling with ex-fiancee Linda Doucett

    Garry Shandling with ex-fiancee Linda Doucett

    Source: Daily Mail

    But later on, he did buy a house in Brentwood house which covers 6,100 sq ft and features 4 bedrooms and 8 baths. Right after his death, the mansion was put up on the market for a price tag of $13.5 million. 

    Garry Shandling's Brentwood house

    Garry Shandling's Brentwood house

    Source: Variety

    Moreover, he is also known to share very little when it comes to his personal life, which is very unusual for successful people in Hollywood. 

    But back in 1994, Garry was accused of sexual harassment and wrongful termination after they split. This led the actor cum comedian to settle the case for $1 million, 3 years later. 

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    Garry Shandling career and awards

    Garry stepped his foot into the entertainment industry back in 1975 as a scriptwriter but soon deviated towards his passion, which was stand-up comedy. 

    He performed his first comedy back in 1978, at the Comedy Store. He worked as a stand-up comedian for a few years until he finally appeared as a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson in 1981. Later on, he even substituted the host on the show. 

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