Sportscaster Liam McHugh Is Living Happily With His Wife Margaret McHugh, Do They Have Children?

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    Liam McHugh is a TV sportscaster based in the United States. He is best known as a sports announcer on NBC Sports and mostly covers National Hockey League, National Football League, and Notre Dame Fighting Irish football. Liam, who is also the face of NBC Sports Network, is also known for covering the staple programs on the show like Premier League, college football and many other. 

    Despite being a TV personality and appearing on TV every single day, Liam is a very private person who does not like sharing much information about his life with the public. Whatever information we have about him mostly comes from the few snippets of his life that Liam has shared with his fans. 

    Liam McHugh

    Liam McHugh

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    However, we know that he is a married man and is currently in a marital relationship with wife Margaret McHugh. Here, we are going to share information about his marital relationships, and we will also find out if he has any children. 

    Liam McHugh married to wife Margaret McHugh

    Liam McHugh is currently married to his wife, Margaret McHugh. However, there is not even a single photograph of the two available online. There is no any information about her profession either. 

    Liam McHugh

    Liam McHugh

    Source: The Boston Globe 

    Liam is not on Instagram but uses his Twitter to mainly share news and others posts related to his professional life. However, every now and then, the man loves to mention his wife in his tweets.

    He uploads random pictures of himself and loves to share what his wife is doing at the time or what she feels. 

    He has done so on numerous occasions, and fans seem to love these kinds of posts even though they do not know who his wife is. 

    Do Liam McHugh and Margaret McHugh have any children?

    It might come as a shock, but Liam does have children. In fact, three of them. However, facts about his children's name and date of birth are yet to be revealed. 

    Liam McHugh with his son