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Home Gossip South African Surfer Shaun Tomson; How Much Is His Net Worth? Also Know His Income Source

South African Surfer Shaun Tomson; How Much Is His Net Worth? Also Know His Income Source

Sabina Gartaula Thu Jan, 2018
South African Surfer Shaun Tomson; How Much Is His Net Worth? Also Know His Income Source

Shaun Tomson is a South African surfer, actor, businessman, author, and environmentalist. He is best recognized for his work as a professional surfer and is considered a legend in the hardest sports ever. Moreover, as an actor, he has appeared in numerous films like Free Ride, In God's Hands, Many Classic Moments and many others. 

He is a big inspiration for many surfers, and according to sources, he has an estimated net worth between $12 to 16 million. We are unsure where the figures came from but being one of the biggest names in the surfing world, it is no doubt that his net worth is in millions. 


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Today we are going to share with you some interesting details about the pro surfer's income source, property and the death of his son. 

Shaun Tomson's income source 

The major source of income for Shaun is his career as a professional surfer. Moreover, back in 1980's and 90's, he founded clothing brands Instinct and Solitude. The clothing brands were leading the market and were worth multi-million. He managed the companies with his wife but later sold them. His first clothing line was Instinct which he founded in the 80's followed by Solitude which he co-founded with his wife in the 90's. The exact figure regarding how much he made through the clothing lines is unknown but there is no doubt that he made millions. 

He is also an author and has published a few books which include Surfer's Code- 12 Simple lessons of riding through the life which is a best-selling book followed by The Code- The Power of I Will which is #1 teen bestseller on Amazon. He also has other books which have been a big hit in the market. 

At the moment, he serves as the ambassador of Surfrider Foundation which aims to protect oceans, beaches, and waves. He has a very big hand in making environmental friendly efforts and in 2002, he was also awarded the Year's Surf Industry Manufacturer Association Environmentalist Awards

Watch Shaun give an inspirational speech

Moreover, he is also an inspirational speaker and gives speeches nationally and internationally. He has collaborated with some big brands like Google, MTN, Toys R Us and many others to inspire the audience. This work of his pays him thousands of dollars.

Again, the exact number of how much he earns has not been specified. 

Shaun Tomson's Property and son's death

Shaun had to face a huge loss in 2006 after his 15-year-old son passed away in Durban South Africa. He shared the incident in his own words and explained how devastating it was for his wife and family. According to him, Mathew passed away on 24th April 2006 after an accident while playing the choking game. 

After the incident, the pro surfer has been very quiet and not much about his personal life is known. But we know that he currently resides in California with his wife and goes out to surf every day.