Sophie Hinchliffe Releases From Hospital Following Health Scare

Updated On 06 May, 2019 Published On

She is doing well now! It's been more than a week since Sophie Hinchliff was hospitalized after suffering a shock health scare and the Mrs Hinch star has finally been released from the hospital.

The social media cleaning guru, 29, took to her Instagram Stories and posted a video clip in which she appears to reunite with her dog, Henry.

She also posted a message to thank the National Health Service (NHS) for making her feel "so safe and like a new person."

as for the health update about her diagnosis, the author explained that she was instructed to "rest, take it slow and not put too much pressure on myself."

Alongside a video of her and her dog, she wrote,

I'm home with my handsomes, with baby Hinch cooking nicely in my time and my Mr Hinch. My family... my world.

Pregnant Sophie previously told fans that her unborn baby is fine, however, she explained that she was being in care in hospital "until further notice."

She shared a series of posts to praise her husband Jamie for supporting her during the difficult time.

Sophie then shared with fans that her baby was still doing well. She wrote, "Check out my little flower basket here Hinchers!"

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