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Soni Nicole Bringas Biography

Soni Nicole Bringas

Facts of Soni Nicole Bringas

Date of Birth: 2002 , February-2
Birth Nation: United States
Height: 5 Feet

Quick Timeline of Soni Nicole Bringas

1992 Spanish mother and Uruguayan father Portland Oregon
2014 Dancing with the stars Annie
2016 Ramona Gibbler Fuller House
2018 Acting and Dancing actress Salary

Detail Timeline of Soni Nicole Bringas

February 2 , 1992

Spanish mother and Uruguayan father Portland Oregon

Soni Nicole Bringas of American nationality was born in Portland, Oregon to a Spanish mother and Uruguayan father. She is a Hollywood actress and dancer by profession, she is the only child of he parents.


Dancing with the stars Annie

Soni Nicole Bringas is a very talented dancer, she performed a dance on the finale of the popular show 2014 "Dancing with the stars" to promote her movie, Annie.

February 26 , 2016

Ramona Gibbler Fuller House

Her role as a character Ramona Gibbler in a Netflix original series comedy show,  "Fuller House" made her a household name and get eyes of many fans and viewers.


Acting and Dancing actress Salary

As of 2018, Bringas has a net worth of around $550,000 thousand, which she earns through her acting and dancing shows and several from her commercial of famous brands like American Girl and Swagger Toyota.


Soni Nicole Bringas performed a hip-hop dance number in the CW series, ”Jane The Virgin“ and displayed her dancing skills to promote the movie, Annie at the ABC’s dancing show, Dancing with the stars 2014.

She has worked with several well-known choreographers which include Nappytabs, Tricia Miranda, Mandy Moore, Matt Steffania and Nick Demoura to name a few. Additionally, she has worked with several renowned celebrities in several dance videos and advertisements like Justin Bieber, Pitbull, Christina Aguilera.

He has worked with the supermodel, Heidi Klum in Jordache advertisement and has appeared in  Amercian Girl and Swagger Toyota advertisement.

She is currently shooting as a character, Ramona Gibbler in the Amercian comedy TV series Fuller House, which was first aired in February 2016 as a Netflix series. Her role in the series has been appreciated by TV critics and fans of the show.

Soni Bringas is a very simple and a humble girl. She is considered to act more mature than their age, but her personal life seems to a bit strange at times.

While she was having a question and answers section interview with, she disclosed that actresses and her co-actor Michael Campion is her boyfriend and they were dating for a year; however, later she declined the fact through her Twitter.

The actress is single and is not planning to be in any relationships or having boyfriend except focusing on her acting and dance career.

As of 2018, Soni Nicole Bringas currently living in Los Angeles, California, has an estimated net worth of $550,000, which can be expected for a rising star as Netflix’s current revenue is around 2.7 billion. Her salary is under review.

She is active on Twitter and Instagram; her twitter has almost 40k followers whereas her Instagram page has 530k fans.