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Home Gossip Son Ye Jin Opens Up about her Marriage desire, Know about her Affairs and Relationship

Son Ye Jin Opens Up about her Marriage desire, Know about her Affairs and Relationship

Ashmita Karki Mon Jul, 2017
Son Ye Jin Opens Up about her Marriage desire, Know about her Affairs and Relationship

Son Ye Jin is a famous star of South Korea who has won the hearts of millions of men around the nation. Despite being 36 years old already, Jin’s relationship status is still single. Just like her other fans, we also want Jin to tie the knot soon. But our wish hasn’t come true yet. Although there were rumors of her secret marriage quite a while ago, they all appear to be baseless.

Don’t be sad already. Although Jin hasn’t married yet, she has shared about her marriage and her ideal partner. Who knows you might fit her criteria!! Read the full article to know what she has to say:

Son Ye Jin reveals why Actresses get Married Late

In an interview back in 2015, Son Ye Jin revealed that she had no time to think about her marriage because of her busy career. Some time ago, the actress used to question herself about why she wasn’t able to meet someone.

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After some time, Jin realized that the happiness they get from their work occupies a large part of an actress’ life that’s why most of them get married later in life.

Son Ye jin and Kim Ju-Hyuk from the sets of 'My Wife is Married'

Son Ye Jin and Kim Ju-Hyuk from the sets of 'My Wife is Married.'

Source: Star.korean drama

Just because Jin doesn’t have time doesn’t mean that she has given up all her hopes. She wants to do it soon before she gets old. She said:

The experience of getting married and having children can help an actress mature. I hope I don't get too old before I marry.

Son Ye Jin is looking for a well caring guy

There isn’t really much that Jin is looking for a guy. She likes someone that she can actually talk to and share her feelings with.

Son Ye Jin

Son Ye Jin

Source: Asian Crush

In the past, Jin was really into quite guys, but now Jin prefers men that are gentle and well caring. Well, we don’t think Jin is asking too much.

Did Son Ye Jin date her co-star?

So Ye Jin began her career with Secret Tears in 2000. Since then, she has worked with many successful yet good-looking actors like Lee Min Ho, Jung Woo Sung and so on. However, she hasn’t been romantically linked with either one of them.

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When Jin appeared next to actor Kim Nam Gil in The Pirates, the couple were said to have an off-screen affair as well. However, a lack of evidence shut the rumors down.

Watch Son Ye Jin accept marriage is difficult:

Although Son Ye Jin had promised her fans that she would get married by 34, she hasn’t got hitched yet despite the fact that she is 36 years old already. It seems like Jin has quite a hard time finding her ideal man. We hope she’ll find him soon.

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While talking about her marriage desire, Son Ye Jin, said that she wants to become something precious to a family. She also said that she wanted to try such kind of feelings. Also, she told the media outlets that, she would get way too involved in the relationship if she gets married and delivers a child. "I work too hard at everything."

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