Smitten Kitten Birdman Has Really Cool Things To Talk About Fiancee Toni Braxton: "She's My Life"

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It's just been a few days Birdman got a diamond on his fiance Toni Braxton's ring finger. And he is already up with some cool things, as beautiful as the diamond, about his wife-to-be. 

49 years old Birdman, also known as Bryan Williams, spoke his heart on the Wendy Williams Show on Tuesday. Speaking of his relationship with Toni, Bryan was not just good with words but his eyes were also very much expressive of his feelings for his fiance.

Toni Braxton engaged to her fiance Birdman

Toni Braxton and her fiance Birdman

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Wendy Williams, the host of the show, moved on directly asking him about his engagement with engagement with Toni. In response, Birdman said,

T, that's my girl, my friend, my family… that's my love, my soldier, my life... She's my life. I love her to death

Birdman also opened up that the two have been together for 18 years and that, more than him, it was Toni who was keen on the idea of getting together. 

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Apparently, Birdman's view on "Love" surpasses the general idea about it. For him "Love" has nothing to do with marriage. Justifying his opinion on "love", he said,

I'm just a gangsta. That don't mean nothing. Certified, too, but what that gotta do with love?

Further, he also confessed that it was hard for him to accept love. Well, having grown up in the real struggles of life, it is quite obvious. Talking about the same, he said,

For me, it was just hard to accept love from them. I think Miss E, Miss Evelyn, she's an angel. She did a great job with all her girls. For me, just growing up in the streets, not having the word love, it was hard for me to accept them loving me and appreciating the love that I brought to the table." 

Like it is said, things changes with time, Birdman as an engaged man, with his two children, seems to have tasted the charm of family-life.

My daughter—she's my everything," Birdman gushed. "She's my joy and my pain. I give my soul, every piece of me, to my girl." His son, Bryan Jr., also a light in his life, is graduating college next year.  

Life is beautiful when you have someone to love. And it seems to be true for Birdman and his girlfriend turned fiance Toni Braxton.