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Home Gossip Slim Jesus Career: Know All The Details About His Net Worth, Car, House And Awards

Slim Jesus Career: Know All The Details About His Net Worth, Car, House And Awards

Ashmita Karki Tue Oct, 2017
Slim Jesus Career: Know All The Details About His Net Worth, Car, House And Awards

You might have heard and seen a lot of doppelganger of rap god Eminem. This time again there’s someone being compared to him and it seems like a huge one. Why? Well, he is blowing up the internet with his super hit single. That ‘he’ is none other than Slim Jesus.

What is it about him that’s driving people crazy? Let’s also find the details about his net worth and money he owns. Also, find out about his house can awards:

Slim Jesus career in the rap industry

20-year old Slim Jesus blew the internet back in 2015 when his hit single became the sensation on Youtube. He was being compared to Eminem, because of his looks and rapping skills. His song ‘Drill Time’ didn’t just help him gain fans, but his critics grew in number equally.

Slim Jesus

Slim Jesus

Source: Go Richest

He has used all sorts of illegal stuff in his video including guns, laser sight and so on. However, the video says in the beginning that the materials are just props. After Drill Time, a bunch of Slim Jesus’ videos came out but they couldn’t make success equal to his first one.

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Video: Watch Slim Jesus 'Drill Time'

In fact, he even posted a video revealing that he never had a job after his Drill Time came out.

Slim Jesus net worth, house, and car

Well, Slim hasn’t reached the stardom yet, that’s why he hasn’t made a lot of money. So, we believe that he still owns a decent amount of net worth and the dude doesn’t fail to show off.


I might be out your league bitch ???? you aint even got no cheese bitch ????‍????

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He posts a lot of photos with money and guns. Considering his Instagram activities, anyone can say Slim is rich. He wears Jordan shoes and drinks expensive whiskeys.


Today is a real holiday ?? The kid made it to 20 ???? Im bouta be all the way up ??

A post shared by Slim Jesus (@imslimjesus) on


It is not quite clear about Slim Jesus' house but he is spotted clicking photos on Mercedes.

Awards won by Slim Jesus

There’s not a lot to talk about Slim Jesus’ achievements because apart from his first video, he hasn’t been able to create much impact. Moreover, he hasn’t bagged any awards yet as well.

Slim Jesus

Slim Jesus

Source: Everyday

It is good to see such talent find space but Slim Jesus hasn’t really been a great influence on the society and young kids. Although his career graph is down, we hope he will rise soon by releasing some great singles like his first one. We are totally hopeful that his net worth will rise in coming years.