Six Men Sexually Assaulted Schoolgirl 12, On The Bus Driving Through Birmingham

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A Group Of Six Men Sexually Harass A 12 Year Old Girl On A Bus While It Drove Through Birmingham

A schoolgirl aged 12 says that she was sexually assaulted by a group of six men all in their early 20s while it passed through the city of Birmingham.

She was traveling to the city center with three other friends who all fled as the men approached them, leaving the girl by herself. The girl spoke with her mother about the incident telling her that the men approached her as the bus was in Finchley Road, Kingstanding.

A CAPTION: A photo of the bus where the incident took place SOURCE: Dailymail

The girl was on the top deck of the bus with her friends who all left her and ran down the stairs as the men approached her. The girls were on the top deck of the No.33 bus whose route starts at Pheasey and goes to Birmingham.

The mother of the victim spoke with the media saying,

No words can describe how I felt when she phoned me,' said the victim's mum, who has issued a plea for information. I felt useless as I wasn't there when she needed me the most.

She further added

Police officers are yet to come out to see us. We've only spoken to them over the phone. She was really shaken up; there were about six of them. The top of the bus was empty, but they went and approached my daughter and her mates.

She also said

My daughter's friends were assaulted and they ran downstairs and off the bus. My daughter was left upstairs with them.

The police department said that they are investigating the incident and reported that the horrible crime took place just before 3 pm on the 16th of March.