Singer Tina Turner's Marriage After Divorce With Ike Turner: Her Married Life and Children

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    Tina Turner is a legendary American-Swiss singer, dancer, actress, and author and she is one of the best-selling artists of all time in the world. Throughout her career, the 78-year-old has been in quite a few relationships and controversial marriages. 

    Giving birth to her first child at the age of 18, she has been through a lot from physical abuse to not being able to gain a single work in the industry.

    Here we are going to share some information about the R&B star's marriages and children. Let's find out more. 

    Tina Turner's first child, her failed marriage with Ike Turner and their children. 

    Tina who was born as Anna Mae Bullock started dating from a very young age and got pregnant at the age of 18 with her boyfriend. Her first child Raymond Craig was born on 20th August 1958. The 59-year-old is the son of King of Rhythm's saxophonist Raymond Hill whom she dated back in 1958. 

    Tina Turner with ex-boyfriend Raymond Hill

    Tina Turner with ex-boyfriend Raymond Hill

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    However, she first got married to American Composer Ike Turner who supported her in her career and helped her in many ways. Ike even kept Tina and her first child with himself after she was kicked out by her mother treated her like a sister. Tina also though out of him as a brother and did not find him attractive in any way as at the time; she preferred white men. 

    Tina Turner with ex-husband Ike Turner

    Tina Turner with ex-husband Ike Turner

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    However, things soon took a drastic turn as they had their first sexual encounter in 1959. After the incident, one thing led to another and Tina got pregnant with his child. Their first child, Tina's second, Ronnie Turner was born on 27th October 1960. Just two years after the birth of their child, Tina and Ike got married to each other in Tijuana. Their wedding took place in 1962. 

    Tina's physical abuse and ill-fated divorce. 

    Before the marriage, Ike had already started physically abusing her. The first time Ike hit her with a wooden shoe stretcher on the head and later on even had intercourse with her. 

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    With time, the abuse started getting more intense as he would hit her when she got the lyrics wrong and tortured her in many other ways. When asked about the incident, Ike said that he did beat her, but he never admitted to abusing her. 

    Watch Tina Turner talk about her physical abuse experience

    Abuse was not the limit, Ike even cheated on her numerous times, and Tina aborted her second child with Ike in 1968 after finding out that another woman was pregnant with Ike's child. 

    The abuse was so severe that Tine tried to commit suicide and she finally realized that water had gone over the head as on27th July 1976, she filed for divorce. Even though she was free of abuse, she faced a lot of problems financially later on because of the separation. 

    Tine Turner with ex-husband Ike Turner