Singer Brian Harvey of East 17 Releases a Video of Himself Being Arrested

Updated On 24 Apr, 2019 Published On

East 17's former singer Brian Harvey recently posted a bizarre video of himself appearing to show the moment he was arrested on March. 

In the video, the 44-year-old musician complains about the pain that the handcuffs caused him as police officials detain him outside his home in north London.  

The video was posted on YouTube last night on 23rd April 2019 and depicts his arrest on suspicion of sending bitter messages last month. 

The singer was clad in the similar outfit as on that occasion while Scotland Yard said they had no reports of another incident at his address last night.

In the video, titled Me Arrested, Brian dialogues with a friend who is asked to take a step back by a Met Police officer present on the scene. 

Harvey tells his friend he has been arrested for malicious communications but informs that he does not know on what grounds.

He can be heard saying,  

These cuffs man, they're tight, 

He says the handcuffs are 'cutting on the bone' and tells a female officer that they are no more comfortable despite her adjustments. 

Brian complains to a female officer that the handcuffs were cutting on the bone, despite the prior adjustment.

The cops can be heard fulfilling other formalities of the arrest as Brian's friend tries to get a phone number to contact him later. 

Harvey's arrest came after the singer posted a troubling live stream video, in which he described his economic problems and demanded a dialogue with Prime Minister Theresa May

After a physical examination by a medical official, where he was deemed fit, Brian Harvey was taken into police custody.