Singer and actor Selena Gomez opens up about the struggle of undergoing chemotherapy

Updated On 10 May, 2016 Published On

Popularity and fame of Selena Gomez are unexplainable as she has been counted as a top ranked celebrity of the town. However, her battle with lupus made her explain about her chemotherapy. She is now suggested to make a better break from the music.

It was mentioned by her during her presence in The Ellen DeGeneres Show on this Friday made her fans get shocked about the news. According to Selena, she has suffered from the very disease in back to 3 years and until today she kept this news separate from the media and even she took a musical break during the year 2013.

Selena even visited Arizona rehab facility for her treatment but the sad news, for now, is that she has to live with the disease forever in her life. The Lupus Foundation of America mentioned that her disease can damage any part of the body mostly with a focus on joints, skin and other sensitive organs of the body. Therefore, regular chemo is the important factor required for her body.

She is improving her condition and she has been posting her regular pictures on Instagram. Selenga being victimized with Lupus in such an early age is optimistic as all because of her warm care and love from her sister.

Gomez's popularity height is unexplainable. Being dedicated to the music, she is earning an amazing sum of net worth and she celebrated her birthday along with her close friends. Once, she also highlighted Barney with affair Justin Bieber also took a major impact among the public. However, she is single for now and has no affair because of her busy schedule in her career as well as treatment. She is also making her new trip plan for improvement of her health as well as refreshment undertaking busy schedule. She looks excited for this.