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Sincere Peek Biography

Sincere Peek

Facts of Sincere Peek

Date of Birth: 2011
Birth Nation: United States

Quick Timeline of Sincere Peek

2011 Born in Cincinnati.
2016 Died of Gun shot.

Detail Timeline of Sincere Peek


Born in Cincinnati.

Sincere Peek was born in 2011. He was born and grew up in Cincinnati along with his parents and siblings. Sincere was born and raised in the middle class family.


Died of Gun shot.

The growing small child,  Sincere passed away after a month of his fifth birthday. He died because of the gunshot while he was playing with a gun in his own house. 


Five years boy, Sincere Peek was shot in his head in the Saturday noon, when he was playing with a gun in his home. Peek just turned five, a month before his death.

According to Peek's mother, who was in the same house during the incident, Sincere was going to use the bathroom on the second floor, and suddenly after some seconds, she heard the breathtaking gunshot. Meanwhile, 11-year-old Sincere brother, Omarion was sleeping at the time and woke up after he listened the shocking sound. 

Omarion rushed towards upstairs and saw his brother lay down on the floor with full of blood and shot in his head. As he found he still had the heartbeat, he picked up his brother in his arms and ran downstairs screaming and calling his mother. He told the mother to call 911 and his mother tried to attempt to revive while calling 911.

Afterward, Sincere was taken to the Children's hospital, but he was already dead due to his serious injuries. According to Lt. Steve Sanders, the Cincinnati Police Department, Sincere might have shot himself while playing with the gun.  

The incident took place in the City's Madisonville neighborhood. It is strange that a few days back, a man and two years old baby were shot and wounded in the same neighborhood. According to the Cincinnati Police Department, the five years old, Sincere died because of the gunshot while playing with the gun on the second floor in his own house.