Simon Pegg explains the reason behind the new Star Trek base seen in the trailer of the movie

Updated On 25 Sep, 2019 Published On

The new trailer of the science fiction film “Star Trek Beyond” has been released. Many viewers have noticed and questioned about the enormous space station seen in the trailer.

The co-writer and co-actor of the movie Simon Pegg revealed that it is a Starbase Yorktown. In an interview, Pegg said,

“It’s a kind of diplomatic hub. It’s where all the most recent Federation inductees can come and mingle with each other and learn about each other. It’s a kind of lovely…”

Additionally, Pegg explained that it is essentially a spot where all the federation inductee can go, where they can better comprehend what being a part of the Federation implies. In fact,it's an important sort of strategic foundation for the Federation. It has been assembled locally, so it's exceptionally interesting to take a look at, yet it's the place where the Enterprise docks up.

This has been the first run through in several months that the Enterprise has a sort of appropriate contact with other people, and that is the place the story of the movie starts with. People already have got a hint about Starbase Yorktown as per the photos leaked during the shoot in Dubai.

Written by Simon Pegg and Doug Jung and directed by Justin Lin, the movie “Star Trek Beyond” started shooting on June 25, 2015, in Vancouver and it is scheduled to release on July 22, 2016. The phenomenally talented English actor and screenwriter Simon Pegg is married to Maureen McCann, a broadcast meteorologist since July 2005. Pegg with his wife seems to be happy and they have a child- a daughter named Matilda Pegg.

With a healthy relationship, the bond between Pegg and his family seems to be very strong and they haven’t thought about the divorce yet. That truly proves that Pegg is not a gay. Pegg has got fame all over the world. Meanwhile, his net worth is estimated to be $10 million.