Sidney Crosby knew Marc Fleury would have led the Vegas Golden Knights to success

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The Canadian Ice Hockey player Sidney Crosby had assumed the goalkeeper, Marc-Andre Fleury to lead the Vegas Golden Knights to victory and he did! 

It was not less than a year ago, the National Hockey League teams gathered in the Las Vegas for their annual Awards ceremony. Apart from the awards ceremony, the event also saw a rise to the expansion of the Vegas Golden Knights

During the expansion, the goaltender Marc was selected as the new leader for the Vegas team. Sidney was also present at the ceremony where he saw Fleury chosen as the leader. Marc had been in the Pittsburgh Penguins team alongside Crosby and Evgeni Malkin

CAPTION: Sidney Crosby and Marc Fleury
SOURCE: Zimbio

Following the emotional ceremony, Sidney, who scored his 400th goal this year, sat down and gave interviews to the reporters present there. During the interview's first section, he talked about his season and the hot topic during the event, Conor McDavid

But, apart from such questions, the interviewer also asked the ice hockey star on his thoughts for Fleury and the Golden Knights. For that, he replied it was a constant pressure to play for the expansive team due to the difference in expectations and playing style. 

As he was a teammate of Fleury, he also stated that the keeper of the Golden Knights is as competitive as he gets and Marc would make sure that he gives his 100% for the team and try to win it all. 

A year into the interview, the team Vegas Golden Knights were celebrating. The team led by Fleury in the goal has become able to win the Western Conference Crown. Now, they will be able to compete in the Stanley Cup Final since the 28th of May, 2018

Be it Shamanism or Fortune Telling, Sidney has been able to hit the bullseye by showing his belief towards his former teammate. From just the selection of Fleury in the team, Crosby knew exactly from the beginning, what Vegas Golden Knights were getting!