Shock Alert! Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan will probably quit WWE in 2018

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2018 can't be any worse for Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan fans. Both of the WWE superstars might have their way out of the WWE in 2018. But the show is all set to see a massive comeback in coming months. 

WWE is one of the most popular (scripted yet) sports popular all over the world. Every year, WWE tries to bring something new to the ring to make the event more and more exciting. Every year, it is obvious that some WWE superstars say bye while some new faces will be joining the industry.

And this year is no different, but there has been news about 2 beloved superstars of WWE being released this year and let's not forget about the new entry which we will talk about at the end.

WWE Logo

WWE Logo

Source: Sportskeeda

According to reports, in 2018 Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan might say Adios to the WWE world. Dolph Ziggler a.k.a. Nicholas Theodore Nemeth has appeared on WWE since 2004 and has won titles like the World Heavyweight Championship twice, WWE United States Championship twice, World Tag Team Championship and many others. 

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Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler

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However, throughout the years, the wrestler has lost the charisma in wrestling he had before. Even though there have been many efforts to bring the spark back, things are not really working out and his career is going downhill. And let's not forget that Ziggler has been more active in chasing different ventures which might be the reason why he will be released in April of 2018. 

Moving on to Daniel Bryan who currently serves as a general manager and not a wrestler in WWE SmackDown, his contract is all set to expire in September of 2018 and according to sources, he may not even make it till his contract expires. 

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan

Source: Deadline

Daniel, the husband of  Brie Bella has been expressing a desire to get back in the ring but WWE doctors are not giving him the green card. Several doctors have cleared him to go back to the ring but the WWE doctors are forcing him to retire from the ring and he does not seem to be happy with it. Moreover, Bryan has also hinted that he will move on from WWE if he is not allowed to make a comeback by WrestleMania 34

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And now finally talking about a new hire in WWE which will shock many fans is Wade Barrett. Wade Barrett was released from WWE a few years back and fans were delighted with it. However, later the company was all set to re-sign him but Barrett refused because of issues he was having behind the scene. He was also not satisfied with the storylines his character was given. 

Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett

Source: The Sun

Fans assumed that WWE has called it quits with Barrett but it turns out that doors are still open for him to come back at any time. And the wrestler himself has been teasing his fans about returning to WWE and never ruled out the news about it. So, it is safe to say that Barrett will be making a comeback in WWE very soon in 2018. 

Who do you think will be other releases and hires on WWE this year?