Shane Dawson a star as he approaches 17 million subscribers and more than 3 billion views on Youtube

    Updated On 24 Apr, 2016 Published On

    Shane Lee Dawson, who is 27 years old, is recognized for not only being a YouTube personality but also for being an actor and a film director. His YouTube journey started from the year 2007 with comedy genre and by the current time he has 17 million subscribers according to the latest information as of April 2016. He also has a total of 3 billion views on his account. 

    Shane is highly attached to dogs and he has 4 of it in his home. Additionally, he has 2 cats whose names are Muffins and Snoop. Time and again, in his videos, these pets can often be seen. Looking to one of his video that was made along with his ex-girlfriend Lisa Schwartz, it can be seen his pets rolling around. Although being a bisexual, he is open towards it as he announced it in one of his YouTube videos. The announcement of his break-up from his affair with Lisa was even stated at the same stage in the media.

    Shane is managing his time working in movies as well. He is soon appearing in one of the movies in the near future and he mentioned “this is the awaited work that draws my life” in his last interview. He loves to read books in his free time and he even podcasts on his YouTube channel. Currently, his salary is also making him get a wealthy life. He has not previously been married and is also thought to be single. He is thought to have a high net worth and especially because of his endeavors on Youtube, he is said to earn a high salary as well.