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Home News Shakira Under Fire For Nazi-symbol Necklace

Shakira Under Fire For Nazi-symbol Necklace

Sabina Gartaula Fri Jun, 2018
Shakira Under Fire For Nazi-symbol Necklace

Shakira is under complete fire as she is selling a Nazi symbolism necklace as part of her world tour promotional merch.

According to reports, the necklace features a sun design which is very identical to Schwarze Sonne, Black Sun Symbol. Also stamped with words, ‘Shakira El Dorado World Tour,’ they are available on the singer’s website and have a price tag of $9.95.

The Black Sun Symbol is an occult pattern which is still in use among some neo-Nazi occults. Moreover, fans have noticed the similarities and are going to Twitter to share the product design.

One Twitter user compared the necklace and the actual Black Sun Symbol side to side and wrote:

So Shakira most likely accidentally put a Nazi symbol on her tour merch and didn’t know it lmao

Shakira launched her world tour on June 3 in Germany and Bento, a German outlet was first to point out the controversy.

Just two days after the controversy was reported, the necklace was removed from the site and was instead replaced with another pendant with sunburst patterns with small ovals emerging from the core. The new jewelry is currently available for $9.95.

Soon after the necklace started making controversy, LiveNation went on to Twitter to apologize and share that the item was removed from the website.

Even though Nazi symbols have been banned in Germany for decades, reports claim that the Black Sun is one of the far-right symbols which should be watched out for in two German states.