Sexy Jadiann Thompson is possibly dating an unknown guy. Know about her affairs and career

Sexy Jadiann Thompson is possibly dating an unknown guy. Know about her affairs and career

Jadiann Thompson is a three-time Emmy Award-winning reporter who is employed at the 7News Channel. She has received the attention of a high number of people with her anchoring talent.

Jadiann is a very popular and busy reporter and people want to know what this busy girl is up to. Is she married? If not, is she undergoing any dating secretly? Here we are revealing more of her personal life read below.

 Is Jadiann Thompson single?

Jadiann Thompson is becoming popular day by day which have increased the craze among her followers.  It might be Jadiann's single status that has added to her popularity and also more fans day by day. But, we think this charming and hot journalist Jadiann Thompson, is dating an unknown guy. She wrote a caption "with my date" on her Instagram photo. 


Summer wedding season in Arkansas with my date. #happy #shawsomelywed #southerncharm

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Jadiann fans were in dilemma about her relationship status but, the above uploaded Instagram's image has made them believe she is dating that unknown guy. Jadiann can be seen in multiple Instagram images with that unknown guy. Jadiann might want her personal life to be private which can be the reason she has never spoken a word about him.

Is Jadiann Thompson married?

No, Jadiann Thompson is not married. If she had married it will probably make the news headlines. Though she has an affair with an unknown guy, she has never spoken about her marriage decision neither has confirmed of her relationship with that unnamed guy. 


#derbyday ????

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Caption: Jadiann Thompson with the guy who she called with my date in her other Instagram image

She might want more time to figure out whether she is really going to marry him or not. Moreover, it could also be her career goal which has delayed her marriage.

Jadiann Thompson is a busy career girl

Jadiann Thompson subsequently engaged in teaching after she completed her journalism education from Arkansas University. Her first news work began at KTWO-TV located in Casper, WY. Jadiann started first in the multimedia and soon was upgraded to executive producer and primary anchor. Then, she switched to KPHO-TV. Jadiann Thompson first Emmy Awards was for her work on WIFI hacking. 

Later, she received two more Emmy Awards while she was in the city of Kansas. Since her first TV work, she has made her every effort count which is the reason why she is so popular today. Her best days were those days when she appeared in the KSHB-TV with her own writing and camera shot.

Currently, she works for the 7News on a various shift of the weekday newscast. Jadiann Thompson is interested in horses, adventure, and food. As a journalist, she has to do a lot of adventure and we are not surprised that she is in love with adventure. Taking about horses and food, we can be sure that she really loves it as she shares lots of pictures about it on her social media.

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