Seven Venezuelan Military Officials Die in a Helicopter Crash

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Seven military officers died in Venezuela when their military helicopter crashed while the troops were escorting President Nicolas Maduro on Saturday.

The Cougar military helicopter crashed into a mountain outside Venezuela's capital, Caracas in the early morning of Saturday.

An investigation was carried out soon after the fatal crash.

Officials from the army mentioned in their statement said the chopper was flying to San Carlos in the Cojedes state.

San Carlos is an hour away from a military academy where President Maduro appeared early Saturday.


CAPTION: Venezuelan military helicopter crashes killing seven soldiers

SOURCE: tribune


The President was there to oversee the training exercises in a display of confidence in his armed forces.

Prior to this, a small army of soldiers turned against the President, an uprising led by the opposition party.

The military helicopter was boarded by two lieutenant colonels and other five lower-ranking officers.

The military didn't reveal if the helicopter was part of the presidential delegations.