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Home News Seven Injured in a Restaurant Brawl in Broadway, London

Seven Injured in a Restaurant Brawl in Broadway, London

Blueprince Tue Mar, 2019
Seven Injured in a Restaurant Brawl in  Broadway, London

Seven people have been reported injured in a "slashing attack" during a fight that broke inside a restaurant named Dawat in London on 18th March 2019.

Shocking video clips of an intense fight inside Dawat, a restaurant located on The Broadway, Southall was released on Monday morning.


The terrifying footage was taken by a female who was dining inside Dawat with her mother and sister.

She explained

I was in there my mum and my sister for a venue booking, having a normal conversation with the staff member, then in the space of two minutes this ruckus was created

It started off as a face to face argument so we thought it would be a minor dispute. Next thing, there's chairs and plates from every table being thrown around the place

Horrendous attacking like animals, smashing the glasses on each other's faces, scratching and hitting, next thing you know one guy brings out a rod.

That's when my heart dropped and I felt proper fear

In the utter chaos, many people can be seen dueling each other, throwing chairs and punching each other.

In another video a man can be witnessed laying outside the restaurant, dripping in blood.


CAPTION: Seven injured in a restaurant brawl in London

SOURCE: Dailymail


Police authorities were summoned to the scene after 11 am, just to find a man with a slash injury.

The injured was immediately rushed to the hospital. British paramedics have confirmed that a total of seven people were injured during the mishap, out of which three were taken to a hospital.

Two people from the site have been arrested for questioning who the police believe to be from two different groups who started the brawl.