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Senol Zorlu Biography

Senol Zorlu

Facts of Senol Zorlu

Birth Nation: Turkey

Quick Timeline of Senol Zorlu

1996 Began his Photopraghy career
2008 Away from Media
2005 Nominated in awards

Detail Timeline of Senol Zorlu


Began his Photopraghy career

Senol Zorlu commonly known by his first name Senol is a renowned photographer from Turkey. He is popular in the world for being the child photographer. Senol Zorlu usually takes the pictures of children who are usually bounded by poverty. He began his professional photography career since 1996.


Away from Media

Senol Zorlu took several photos before coming to limelight. However, he disappeared from the public sight since 2008. There is also one unique character in his photography and that is pink background at the back of every picture.


Nominated in awards

Since the start of his professional career, he is giving the best picture to the world. He usually takes the natural picture mostly on their cultural background. For his photography, in 2005 he was nominated in lots of prestigious awards.


Senol Zorlu started his photography career in Madagascar in 1996. In that respect, he captured four pictures of African Children, which was liked by many people. However, later he was underground avoiding media or outlet of any kind. Since then, nobody has seen him and neither he has shown up.

Senol looks like a man of mid-fifties. He seems a married man but the information regarding his personal life has not been disclosed yet. He might have some love affairs and dating histories in past but Senol has kept it quite and tide.