Find out How Selena Gomez Celebrated her Twenty Fifth Birthday

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Selena Gomez turned twenty-five this Saturday. There was news everywhere in the media that she would celebrate her birthday in Paris but, all the claims have turned out to be nothing but fabricated tales.

Like many stories about Gomez, the story of her celebrating her birthday in Paris has transpired to be fake.

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Selena Gomez Birthday

Image: Selena Gomez twenty-fifth birthday

Source: Dailymail

Some of the made up stories were entitled "The Weeknd’s Romantic Paris Plans For Selena Gomez’s Birthday Revealed" 

and another boisterous one read  "Selena’s beau wants her to join him in Paris for her big birthday, so maybe that trip will calm her nerves.”

Selena Gomez

Image: Selena Gomez Loves cupcakes

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Hollywood creates Gossip about Gomez every one in a while, the singer ridiculed by the sickening lies frequently popping up about her, said in an interview that HollywoodLife is “the worst ”

Selena didn't even plan to go to Paris for her birthday.  Instead, she celebrated a low key Birthday with very few friends and a simple birthday cake. According to sources, she was quite upset about turning twenty-five.

Selena Gomez Fetish

Image: Selena Gomez Turns twenty-five

Source; Instagram

She posted a  photograph of herself on Instagram On saturday, in front of her bithday cake with the caption

 “I couldn’t be more blessed… think 25 is going to be epic.”