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Home News Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Beheads 37 Saudi Shiite Citizens

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Beheads 37 Saudi Shiite Citizens

Blueprince Wed Apr, 2019
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Beheads 37 Saudi Shiite Citizens

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia beheaded 37 Saudi citizens on Tuesday, 23rd April 2019, most of them who belonged to the minority Shiites.

The beheadings were carried out in a mass execution across Saudi Arabia for crimes related to terrorism.

They publicly pinned one victim's body and the cut-off head to a pole as an example to others.

The beheadings were likely to fuel regional and cultural tensions between rivals Sunni-dominant Saudi Arabia and Shiite-led Iran.

Ali Ahmed, who runs the Institute for Gulf Affairs in Washington, D.C., the United States identified those 34 killed, as Shiites as per their names provided by the Interior Ministry.

He described the executions as a politically motivated message forwarded towards Iran and said,

This is political, 

They didn't have to execute these people, but it's important for them to ride the American anti-Iranian wave.

Amnesty International also confirmed that the majority of the men executed were Shiite men.

They said that the guilty were convicted after sham trials, based on extracting confessions through torture.

This marks the largest number of executions in a day in Saudi Arabia since 2nd January 2016 when the country beheaded 47 people over terrorism-related crimes.

Saudi Arabia's supreme council confirmed the executions were carried out according to the Islamic law.

The Ministry used language that suggested the guilty were all beheaded.

The Interior Ministry's statement said those beheaded had taken up extremist ideologies and formed terrorist groups with the purpose of spreading chaos.

They said the individuals had been found guilty as per the law and ordered executed by the Specialized Criminal Court of Riyadh, the country's high court, which specializes in handling terrorism trials.