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Home Gossip Sarah-Jane Mee agrees to host Sky News Sunrise as she travels to Majorca for some 'distractions'

Sarah-Jane Mee agrees to host Sky News Sunrise as she travels to Majorca for some 'distractions'

Shreya Pokharel Mon Jun, 2016
Sarah-Jane Mee agrees to host Sky News Sunrise as she travels to Majorca for some 'distractions'

Earlier this month there were a lot of speculations and the social media was taken by a storm. Reason: Sarah Jane Mee was leaving her very famous channel Sky News. However, her fans have a reason to rejoice because the sports news anchor has returned to the channel. Why not after all? She is one of the most versatile and loved radio and TV presenters of the United Kingdom.

She is an avid sports fanatic and hence has returned to the channel as the presenter of Sky News Sunrise, which is a breakfast program. Although she has returned to the show, the 37-year-old anchor decided to take a major break just so she can fully reload herself and boost her energy to start it all over again.Yes, the sports presenter is holidaying in Majorca using her savings from the previous salary.


20km Hike day @thebodycampibiza - made it to the top! ????????

A photo posted by Sarah-Jane Mee (@skysarahjane) on

The actress, who is a Cancer by birth, took on to her social media accounts to share her pictures from the lovely island, where she is seen traveling various places, discovering stunning views, enjoying the perfect weather, and cycling miles along with judging painting. Reportedly the actress revealed in an interview that on agreeing to host Sky News Sunrise, she wanted to start with fully charged batteries as Breakfast Tv is tough and a lot happens during that span.

To add to that, her co-host Eamonn Holmes is a live wire she feels. She quoted that with him anything can happen so she has to brace herself.It can definitely be said though that her net worth which is unknown is going to increase more because of her comeback.

Not at all afraid of challenges, Sarah is a big name in sports, but that is not what all she does. She has done brand endorsements, modeling and acting too. Alongside that, she is a firm believer of strong not skinny and advocates young girls about it. She has also run the London Marathon in 2015

The actress, who is a University of Manchester graduate, lives in London and absolutely loves watching action movies.She lives a very personal life and is not married or linked up with any affair as of now. The five feet and six inches tall anchor, however, is finally back in the show and is all set for a powerhouse performing, and we could not be less excited either. She took to her Twitter account to share the news with her fans and also shared her view on the Brexit.